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    I have a self installed wordpress blog at I want the posts I make there to appear automatically at . How can I do this?

    I tried auto-forwarding the email updates from feedburner to post to the post by email feature. But, it is not working.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    I don’t think it is possible, but the thing you should know is that if the search engines see duplicate content on two or more blogs, they will suspect a splogger and will likely downgrade your page ranking on both blogs. It really isn’t a good idea to have two duplicate blogs that are accessible to search engines.

    Member does not encourage autoposting, and staff have asked that if a blog here is just a duplicate of one somewhere else, that it be set to Private.

    Facebook and Tumblr are better if what you’re looking for is a reblogging service.

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    hi thesacredpath, raincoster

    thanks for the replies. I understand the SEO implications. Nevertheless, a client of mine (definitely not a splogger) likes to have it this way.


    ravidreams – it could get the blog suspended. And if your client complains we will point him to this thread.

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