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    I love the new autofocus theme and would love to use on my blog. However, I cannot get pictures to show on front page, only on the individual posts. I’m adding pictures via URL, and instead of a photo, a grey box appears for each post. When you click on the grey box, the photos do appear on individual posts.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site you are talking about.


    Also, I don’t think it will work with off-site hosted images. I think they have to be in your media library here.



    That’s probably the problem — seems to be working with on site hosted images:

    Why is that? For other themes, there’s no problems with off site hosted images?


    WordPress needs the image on its servers so that it can create manipulate the images for use on the front page. With images offsite, the browser downloads the image directly. It doesn’t go though the wordpress system at all.



    Thanks! I will think about whether hosting the images on WP will work for what I’m thinking of doing. Love the way the them looks.


    You are welcome, and yes, I like that theme too.

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