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    I have had the theme Autofocus + for a while and bought today autofocus pro, much for the blog feature. However, I have encountered a problem with that particular feature. I have followed the instructions to the letter when I create a blog page to my blog. ie created a new page and then select the blog template.

    It works fine! I get all my posts in a blog format in the page which is good. In the “Auto Focus + Pro Options” you can choose: “Select a category item to Be Shown In The Blog Template and excluded from the Front Page”. I select my category: “blog” to following these rules.

    What happens?:
    Under the page: “blog” everything looks right, only my posts that are marked with the category “blog” are showed which is exactly what I want, but …

    When I look at my “Front Page” there is still posts marked with the category “blog” shown there. In addition to it posts disappears and also images from other categories, in my case is lost even a picture I have in “Nature / Landscape” and a picture in the “Portrait” category.

    What I done:
    I have tried to troubleshoot but to no avail. I’ve been inside and looked at all my posts and controlled so that all my posts are only in a single category so that no “portrait”-image is in both categories “Portrait” and “Blog” and so on.
    I have tried to google it but I canät find anything.

    Really appreciate the help I can get.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



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