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    I recently imported content from a Squarespace site, which featured content from multiple writers. Is there a way to display the author of individual posts, without having to invite/add each writer individually? We are no longer posting new blogs, so it seems silly to have everyone sign up now, if that makes sense.

    Perhaps I can add tags for each author/writer and categorize them that way? Any suggestions or input? Assume there is a way to work this out using CSS, but would prefer to avoid that, if at all possible.

    Appreciate your time!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Looking through the post list on, all posts on the site show the same author: you.

    When you imported the content from Squarespace we had to assign the content to an author on your site, and as your account was the only user on the site at that time, all the content was assigned to you.

    If the content should show other authors, you will need to add them to the site via their own accounts, and then update each post to reassign it to the correct author.

    If you remove an author later, any posts attributed to them should remain attributed to them, but it’s not possible to attribute a post to an author if they aren’t a user on the site first.

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