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    Hi guys,

    APLS blog is a group blog and some of our authors want to cross post their post to other blogs/social media sites. Thus I am wondering how to create author specific feeds on the WordPress hosted site so they can do this.



    The blog I need help with is


    Each author here at has a feed, and it is in this form:



    Thank you! I knew there had to be an easy way to do this, but I could not figure it out.


    You’re welcome.

    There are also feeds for individual categories and tags as well. Just add feed/ to the end of one of your category or tag permalinks.

    Tag feed example:



    Thought I’d jump in here ‘cos you appear to be very knowledegable sacredpath.

    I can’t get my blog ( to publish ANY feed. I think it should be an ‘entries RSS’ link?

    The only problem I can think of is that my Theme doesn’t allow me to do this?




    All blogs at have feeds, except private blogs. But the correct address for blogs here does not include “www” and if you put that in your feed address, I don’t think it will work. Try it without.


    @tecqua, if you look at the very bottom of your blog, there are entries and comments feed links in the the footer. They are small and don’t stand out well.

    You can create your own entries and comments RSS links in a text widget placed in your sidebar if you wish by following the instructions in these support documents:

    Do NOT copy the code out of the FAQ and paste it into your text widget for editing. It will bring in code that will mess things up. Use it as an example and paste it into the text widget, or follow the instructions in the “text widget” support document and use the post editor to create the necessary code.

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