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    I’m not receiving an author invitation from another blogger in my email. What could be the problem? He said he’s sent it and he says he sees the “waiting” message after sending it (in his Dashboard). He has sent me another email since then (not an invitation, just a regular email) and I received it without a problem.

    The blog I need help with is



    Which email client are you using? If you’re using Gmail the message might have been redirected to the Social tab in the inbox. Also check your Spam folder.


    Sorry that I’m just responding now. I was expecting that this discussion would be emailed to me, and it wasn’t. Anyway, I and the other blogger both use I’ve also checked me junk mail, but I didn’t see his invite there. But I still get other email from him. Only the author invite doesn’t come.



    The only other reason I can think of is that he perhaps mistyped your email address. Have him cancel the pending invitation and try to add you again, perhaps using your username rather than your email address. If that still doesn’t work ask him to please post in this thread himself as the problem could be his side rather than yours. Then I can tag this thread for staff.

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    Thanks. I’ll ask him to see this discussion.


    By the way, I had “notify me” checked for this discussion, but never got an email. I checked my junk mail, but nothing from WordPress was there. What should I do? Could WordPress be blocked from my email somehow? I don’t remember ever blocking it.



    It could probably be blocked by your email client. There should be something like a safe senders list. Add and to that if you email client has that.

    Are you receiving other notifications, e.g. follows, likes, comments, notifications from blogs you follow via email?


    I think I found a way to unblock WordPress email. When you reply to this, I’ll check to see if the reply went to my email account. I’ll let you know if it did.



    Sure thing. Let’s hope this works :)


    Yes!! It worked! Thanks! I’m going to ask the blogger who’s been trying to email me to try again.



    Hooray! Hopefully that invitation will come through now.



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