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    My blog incorporates many audio files which have recently gone dead because the graphic sliding bar & vol control no long works when clicked. How can we include an mp3 file in the text of a post now? See one in this post which no longer plays out:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The audio player in that post works fine for me. I can play it, and even jump to specific points in the track by clicking on the progress bar. I can adjust the volume without any problems as well.

    Have you checked whether this might be your browser? Try clearing the browser cache, and disable any browser add-ons you have installed to see if that helps. Also check if using a different browser or using incognito/private mode makes any difference.



    Thanks for this. All audio files seem to have been affected (as a work-round in a recent post I’ve now turned two audio links into regular hotlinks out to a new window.) Interestingly I did a major OS update on my iMac a week ago which has meant reinstalling various crucial apps, a few of which now refuse to work.

    Both Safari and Opera do play both audio links in the page cited above, though unlike in the past we have to wait for the whole file to load before we hear the audio start. It’s my main browser Firefox which is refusing: more accurately after following your advice, it comes down to the Ghostery adblocker, which has never interfered with audio in the past. I’ll drop them a line to ask why.

    Curiously I also have Ghostery on the Safari browser, but that plays out as normal. Thanks for your help.



    PS – Aha, I can make an exception in the Ghostery settings by getting it to trust my own site, so that the audio now plays out.


    Ah, nice find! Glad that you were able to get it sorted.

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