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    can you add auctions to the pages?



    Hi there – We don’t have an auction feature, and there are limitations to embedding 3rd party code. Could you tell me more about what you’re wanting to accomplish specifically? Are you looking at using an auction website’s software and embedding that into a site you create? Or, something else?



    Hi @darrenp1972, I’m sure you could with the right plugin:

    Just note, if you have plugins you’d like to install on our managed hosting service, you will need our Business plan, because outside plugins and themes add complexity to our support and maintenance.

    Our service includes SSL, direct WordPress support, maintenance, security, and many other features that tend to cost extra with other providers.

    Or, you are welcome to use your own free copy of WordPress with another host, and use community resources or hired contractors as needed.



    hello, im just starting out on the site so trying to navigate options. eventually when i figure some things out ill be upgrading.
    was thinking auctioning like coffee mugs, shirts, i know theres a sales/store feature, ill probably end up doing that but was curious about if i could do it as an auction instead. i dont really want to play with 3rd parties plug ins, atleast not at this point.
    built a couple on wix, but last real site was close to 20 years ago (im older hahaha)



    Got it, and age is just a number!

    Here are the the eCommerce options here on our services:

    To host an auction site here, I’d recommend WooCommerce and an auction plugin. You would need the Business or eCommerce plan for that.

    Alternatively, you could use a third-party auction site linked from your site.

    I hope this helps!

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