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    I left a negative comment on one of the articles there and it wasn’t allowed through. I certainly wasn’t rude, just expressing genuine disapproval. This leads me to believe that the comment sections there are actually just another advertisement platform.

    FYI, the article is here and my comment read as follows:

    These links help your visitors set up a WordPress site of their own, and highlight the reach and scope of our community. It’s a way to show the world the pride we take in building, which so many of you have chosen as your home on the web.

    “Huh. Last time I checked, was part of a lucrative business. Yeah, real homey…”

    Self-assertive but not rude or overbearing, surely. I just didn’t like how the author made out like the footer credits (and the recent changes) have everything to do with the users and nothing to do with profit when it’s most likely the other way around. The fact that the only comments going through on that page are in praise of everything WP, would appear to make my case for me. The comment guidelines certainly don’t rule out my submission, so why should the editors?


    Staff announcements like that are meant to be educational and informative posts about features or changes. They aren’t the place for debates or feedback.

    However you are more than welcome to make that point here in the forums, blog about it on your own site, comment on social media, or even email us.


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    Thank you for your reply.

    Well in that case it shouldn’t be called a comments section there. And the comment guidelines should be updated to reflect your point. Anyone who’s new to the world of WordPress might believe those comments are a fair representation of user feedback, given that they’re specific to the news announcement, and come to believe that it all really does glow. Now we all know that isn’t a coincidence – it’s false advertising because the fact is WordPress is making a mint using these ploys. WordPress’s image is about openness but honesty is clearly lacking in practice. I guess the joke isn’t just on me but on all those in praise for expecting more from a billion-dollar company.

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