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    Is there a way for this shortcode (or any other way)


    to display posts
    a) alphabetically
    b) and/or with numbering, I.e.

    1. Post x
    2. Post y

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    The Archives shortcode simply lists all posts published on your site, ordered by publication date with the most recent at the top. You can configure the shortcode to reverse the order, but you cannot use alphabetical order.

    Numbering can be added by including the “showcount” parameter in the shortcode. See:



    showcount does not do the numbering i refer to, it shows the number of posts in a category.



    Ah, you are correct. In that case there is no way to add numbering – the parameters on that support page are the only options available to customize the shortcode.


    It is a bit more work to create your own “archives” page by using the Display Posts short code, but you can do it.

    Display Posts shortcodes limit the results to 100, but you may use multiple shortcodes on a page. You can limit the dates by Year for example. Display Posts offers more sorting options using “order by” and one of the options is alphabetical by title…
    So you could conceivably create a sort of archives page with a listing by year and then the Posts sorted by title.
    The support document
    provides good information including:

    Specify whether posts are ordered in descending order (DESC) or ascending order (ASC).
    Default: DESC
    Example: [display-posts order="ASC"]

    Specify what the posts are ordered by….
    Default: date but there is also an option to order by title…
    Example: [display-posts orderby="title"]



    I found a way to do this by customizing the URL.

    You CAN sort your blog page alphabetically by using custom links.

    To sort alphabetically point the link to https://YOUR BLOG (or desc).

    If you further want to display only posts with a specific category or tag, use https://YOUR BLOG CATEGORY NAME/?orderby=title&order=asc or https://YOUR BLOG TAG NAME/?orderby=title&order=asc.

    The only issue is if you have your blogs to display per page set to a number less than the blogs you’re pulling, when you click the older posts button at the bottom, it will duplicate the first page. I set mine to show 100.

    You can check my menus and how I have this setup at the sidebar menu I setup using a custom HTML widget with the link, followed by the shortcode to display the list.

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