Anyone else having problems with the New Notifications Layout

  • @jeremeylduvall

    “We’re definitely open to feedback, and we’re committed to improving the new notifications so that they’re even better than the old version.”

    My feedback would be: The old version worked just fine. It didn’t need to be changed.

  • The new notifications are again deficient and a nuisance. There is no immediately view of any time stamp and none at all for Likes and new Follows.

    The only sensible thing that was done during this entire farce, was the withdrawal of any earlier attempt. Please repeat that good sense.

    All that is needed for a mobile friendly version is a larger font. Why not just do that, but attach it only to the new pages (i.e. stats and editor).

    There is no need to alienate/lose existing customers.

  • Definitely a darker larger font for the mobile device is needed. I can’t see this thing for the life of me.

  • Darker colors for “unread” notifications would be very helpful for PC. As well as the previous, smaller font for the PC version.

  • As Ronovan writes:

    “Now instead of seeing a straight forward notification where I am able to click and the item pop out to the side, now it is a new, how best may I describe it? A new Notification window maybe comes up and then I must now click on the Notification icon at the top to close then click again to open. Now with as large a view of the Notification entries along with but a brief few words of the comments made I see less Notifications at one time. Also the View All Notifications is now missing. That might have made it easier, but perhaps because they have removed the, as I will call it, side out option, as oppose to a drop down option when you click something, yes, a side out option when you choose something is what we had, but with it gone I cannot even try to use that to make my life and hands and arms easier.

    Now my disenchantment includes:
    The new Stats Page and no ability to select a desired default of old or new version
    A less user friendly Notifications

    One thing I do want to say is that considering this is a free blogging platform I am not unappreciative of being able to blog without having to pay, yet. I may go premium at some point if I ever find the finances to do so. I would like that I think. However, we bloggers, the free bloggers are what make WordPress the huge success and leader it is in the blogging world.

    To any WordPress employee that might read this I have some things to say. Change is not always good. I had not heard of anyone unhappy with the various things you have been changing. For people that are really into blogging, it’s not about the cool or the pretty, it’s about seeing what we need to see and being able to easily connect to those who connect with us. You’ve made that more difficult.

    As for me, with my difficulty using my hands you are making it more and more difficult for me to use your platform. I love the WordPress community and will continue here for as long as possible, but if I can’t blog then I can’t blog.”

    My addendum might be:

    Why not permit those, who prefer the old version, a respective option? Thus, WP can serve those using tablets and smartphones as well as those who have to rely on their PC’s …

  • The new changes to not only the notifications but also the stats page is causing me to have to do more scrolling and clicking, especially with the notifications. There is no endless scroll to the notifications, at least not on the various screens in the most recent FireFox browser.
    The problem here is that being disabled have a difficult time with a lot of things about clicking and reclicking and reclicking. I use voice to text a lot to just get my posts done. I have a couple of blogs and they do fairly well but the changes are making it difficult for me to get the job done.
    Can I live without looking at stats? Sure, but I like to look to see the days that do well and see what does well so I can write and schedule accordingly.
    Can I live without the notifications? Sure but my followers might not like it much.

    My suggestion is to have an option where we can set the old or the new as defaults.
    I do a lot of praising of WordPress on my blogs to encourage people to blog here. I encourage authors to come here because there is a great community here and some have been joining because of my suggestions.
    I find it very interesting that as I have been seriously considering going premium for both of my sites that the changes occur and begin to frustrate me. I do have a blog on blogger, that I could begin using but I do prefer as I have a great many friends here now.
    But if it has to come down to my being in even more pain each time I try to post and communicate with my readers and eventually quitting as the current system has been making my situation worse or moving to another platform and maybe finding some other former WordPress friends there, then I will need to follow my friends.
    I don’t want to leave WordPress. I enjoy it here and it really is the best out there . . . as it was. It was not broken.

    Just give us the default options.

  • @jeremeylduvall
    I am using Chrome but it is the same in IE. I see other people are reporting the same issue so it clearly isn’t just me.
    After using it for a day now my feedback is that it is clumsy and like most recent changes brings no improvement to the product for the desktop user. I don’t want to use WP like FB and clearly a lot of other people feel the same way.

  • Just to add my two cents worth … as most of what I have to say has been said above … you could really try to make the notification and other changes options … like with the editor, which I’m happy to say, you’ve allowed me to choose, the option being of using the original rather than the bee boo beep thingy. I use a computer … Chrome or Firefox … and Windows XP or Seven (depending on the computer) and the new notification format is the pits. I personally have bookmarked the notifications page: .. as I can no longer get there in any other way.

  • @bastet1952 Thanks for that link. Was looking for the page. I’ve bookmarked the old stats page too. Browser bar getting full of WP stuff now. WP needs to add cookies to remember our preferences for these old pages, like they to let us bypass Beep Beep Boop.

  • As others above mentioned, I miss some of the notifications because they way it displays now is just not user friendly. And it all being up in the right all small, well it is just not display friendly either. The notifications by entire page is much better option, for those who have busy blogs. Please bring it back!

  • The new so called improved elements are not at all improvements but start annoying us, like always popping up that there are new notifications though all are already looked at several times.

    Please is it not possible that people chose which form they like to us. I would prefer to have everything in the old and much better way (notifications, statistics, writing, etc.)

  • jeremeylduvall, the Happiness Engineer, says:

    We’re definitely open to feedback, and we’re committed to improving the new notifications so that they’re even better than the old version. If you have any bugs to report or things that you would like to see improved upon, I’d love for you to share!

    Okay, let’s see if you guys are serious. First, how about a link like there used to be when we click on the Notifications button that leads us to There was no reason to remove it, and it’s absurd to require us to keep a separate browser tab open for that information.

    Second, as others have suggested, give us two versions of the WP software: (1) the traditional, or “classic” version, which you know by now that many bloggers prefer; and (2) the new, Beep Beep Boop version, with the new stats and notifications features. In other words, stop making that decision for us. Let us decide. We know what we prefer.

    Third, don’t make our choice of one version or the other dependent on cookies. You can remember our choices for us by making them part of our personal settings.

    Fourth, there’s no need to keep reminding us to switch to what you call the “improved posting experience.” If we’ve decided not to use Beep Beep Boop, we don’t need to see that every time we make a new post or edit an old one.

  • @jeremylduvall

    Unbelievable. I can’t immediately see any time stamp or any indication as to whether I have approved and/or replied to a comment.

    I have worked in computing since the 80’s. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so arrogant and incompetent.

  • @sensuouscurmudgeon Excellent point about settings. The choice of old UI or new should be a personal setting, perhaps a simple toggle. Cookies won’t work for those bloggers (and I know several) who don’t allow them.

  • @grahaminhats
    Well said Graham.
    I don’t believe these guys.
    After the statistics upgrade debacle they assured us that they were responding to our concerns and working on correcting the howling errors, instead they were pulling the pin on another hand grenade.
    You call it arrogant, I call it incompetent!
    As they move to prioritise one line FB style blogs and picture posters they clearly do not want us here!

  • I was told to post my complaint here… My problem is the same as everyone’s. The icon lights up, but when I click on it… Nothing is there.

  • I was told to post my complaint here… My problem is the same as everyone’s. The icon lights up, but when I click on it… Nothing is there.

  • The orange dot on the bell icon that indicates a notification does not always appear. And when it does appear it is too small to be easily noticeable, especially on a mobile platform – which is highly ironic, since these “improvements” were supposed to enhance the mobile interface.

    And this is not a problem with a particular interface. It happens on Macs, PCs, tablets, and phones.

  • Speaking of time stamps…. I wrote a post and a comment arruved about 5 minutes later. Notifications said the comment was 3 hours old. How can the response be older than the post?!?

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