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    Do you recommend using additional spam blockers?



    You are protected by Akismet already.
    You have comment moderation if you wish.
    There is no way to integrate any additional spam protection.


    just an idea…

    a huge chunk of the spam i get here (not that i get that much, relatively) is in BBcode. i know akismet can’t universally block html or BBcode.

    but could we have our spam blacklists execute ahead of akismet?
    then the comments with [/url] wouldn’t even make it to akismet, so i wouldn’t have to read them.



    Every spam comment that I have seen that has included BBCode has been caught by Akismet.

    To be honest, the idea of actually blocking on that instead of spam tagging would be one that I would be against since there are those folks out there who may think that using BBCode is the way to go.

    I also don’t like the idea of comment blocking either. Spam tagging would be best.


    i don’t want akismet to block on it, i just want my blacklist to actually blacklist.

    right now, words in my blacklist are meaningless, since they go to moderation anyway.

    yes, akismet catches all of them, but i check all my akismet spam for false positives, because there are always some.

    i know some folks use bbcode, and some folks use textile, and some folks don’t allow anything. my point is, i know what’s allowed on my blog, and i’d just like the power to filter it as such.

    it’s not a recommendation for everyone to blacklist [/url], just for everyone to be allowed a blacklist.



    That’s the best that’s going to happen. They’re going to go either into moderation or the Akismet folder.

    You said it yourself. There’s always false positives.

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