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    This blog

    is complaining about something that has happened to me. Whomever these bligblog jerks are, they’re leeching WP blogs, hosting them on a site with ads (contrary to the Creative Commons licence on my blog), and hence profiting.

    Can WP set up an anti-leeching plugin that we can use:

    or some such?



    We do not use plugins on this multi-user blogging platform. If you want to see such a feature introduced at you must wait until Monday and then send in a feedback with the link and your reasons for requesting this feature.

    Here’s a link to Lorelle’s “What to do when someone steals your blog content”
    In the meanwhile you can:
    (1) Contact the splogger and demand that they remove the content they scraped from your blog.
    (2) Contact their web host and make the same demand.
    (3) Hire legal counsel and pursue this through the courts.

    P.S. There are many forum threads on this in the searchbox.



    OOPS! I forgot to say that I love this anti-leech idea. :)



    Actually you usually don’t want to contact the splogger as it’s not worth it and they usually will go out of their way to make things worse for you. They already know what they’re doing is wrong.

    Best bet would be to contact the host or even the datacenter with a complaint.

    As TT suggests, best bet would be a feedback but please note that this has come up many times in the past so I kind of doubt we’ll ever see any action upon staff on this issue.

    edit: That specific plugin won’t work here at because it depends on us knowing the IP address and/ or the user-agent (ie what browser the splogger is telling the webserver they are using) and we don’t have that information here at the end user level. Also note that staff has also stated that they won’t block an ip address either. And even if we were able to put in that information, it would be too easy to abuse or incorrectly setup. (ie Let’s block all RoadRunner clients :)

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