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    Hi there! I’m trying to upload a full size, animated gif. I can’t get it to play on the Private post I published.
    When i am in the uploader i see it animated, and when i click on the image in the published post it goes to another link that’s also animated.
    It’s the one on the post that’s static. I’ve read dozens of suggestions but none helped so far. I’d appreciate any feedback other than to not resize it!

    The blog I need help with is


    It has to be inserted at exactly the same size as it was uploaded. It the image is 500px wide, and you insert it into the page at medium (300px) then it will not work.



    And I am not sure, but believe that gifs don’t play in Preview.



    To determine the maximum displayed image width of your theme Fresh Bananas, so you know exactly what size you must make the animated gif before you upload it, consult this list > maximum displayed image width by theme



    I just tried a blinking gif in a test Post and it blinks in Preview for me.



    It also works fine for me in my test blog using that same theme. :)


    Thanks for all the great advice. I’m using Fresh Bananas and will try it although if we can’t resize it and there are restraints in the theme on the size (the gif is over sized), what’s the solution?



    You will need to re-size it before you upload the image – use a program such as Photo Shop or Gimp – in Gimp you need to be careful to save as an animation – remember DON’T work with the original image, always work with a test copy.


    Thanks again. I have photoshop so will try that. Up until your advice, I’ve read it has to be uploaded at full size so am not sure how resizing it will work but will give it a shot.



    You image needs to be uploaded at the Exact size – no changing the size or scaling of the image in WordPress.COM.


    Ug! I guess it’s beyond me! Can’t resize yet it has to be smaller to fit into my theme. Simply put, does that equal no dice for this GIF?



    You need to make is smaller with Photo Shop on your PC – make it the exact right size – to the pixel count, then upload the image to your blog. The re-sizing needs to be done by you before the upload – if you let the WordPress software change the dimension the animation gets stripped out.



    Hello! Sometimes adding the image width works fine. This way for instance:
    wich is unanimated onto the theme “Dusk to Dawn” (on a test blog)

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