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    Hi, I’m new to WordPress and have a question over how I can provide certain functionality to a site.

    I would like to allow customer’s to buy their own product page within my site. Once the user has signed up and paid, they will get access to a single page which they can customize the content of (text, logs, etc). Page layout will not be customizable.
    Currently, the site doesn’t have any signup/login functionality, so that would need to be added as well.

    I would prefer using plugins if one’s available. Is there a specific plugin I could use for this or will I need to pull up my sleeves and write some php?




    Hi there,

    To give someone editing access to just a single page you will need to use a plugin, yes, likely one that allows you to create custom user roles with custom permissions.

    However, we are not able to suggest specific plugins in this forum – this forum provides support for free users on who cannot use plugins at all, so neither the volunteers nor staff here has the expertise to make that type of recommendation.

    Please ask the community instead for advice on which plugins you’d need to set up something like this – they make the WordPress software and plugins for that software, so have the knowledge needed to help with this:



    Awesome, thanks!

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