All Posts shown on my start page (instead of selected 5)

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    Dear volunteers,

    My blog has been ok since last night.
    Now there seems to be another bug…

    Out of the blue, ALL posts are shown on my start page, and that looks awful.

    Read: 5 posts
    No changes from my side.
    It happened automatically that now ALL posts are shown on my start page.

    Can anybody help?
    Thank you very, very much in advance.


    The blog I need help with is



    This is a new feature added to two of the themes, Twenty ten and Twenty eleven. Unfortunately you don’t have an opt out of this. See it here
    If you don’t like this feature then just switch the theme.


    Thank you for answering iphonist1.
    It’s incredible.
    I have seen that the thread you mentioned is closed for new comments.
    Unbelievable that this feature can’t be removed.
    Changing to a new theme is simply impossible, as all formates would change then too, all text and images adjusted in hundreds of working hours wouldn’t be 100 % the same anymore, I am speaking of experience.

    I am speachless.



    I hear you and yesterday I went through the theme switching process. :(


    Hi timethief,
    I feel with you :(
    Changing the theme is impossible for me – I had the switching process once, but now I have much more articles than before – adjusting them once again is simply impossible.



    SIGH … There are many threads on this issue. What more can I say?



    But as long as you change to a theme with the same width of content column, you will not have to change anything else! I’m sure there’s a list of content column widths somewhere on so good luck!


    There is indeed nothing more to say, dear timethief :-)
    And of course “trust” in any other wordpress theme is on zero now.
    We now know something similar can happen at any time again – with any theme.


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    Here is Panos’ list of maximum image widths for each theme:

    You can still change your theme—or you can live with the vanished footer and infinite scrolling…



    Dear raincoaster,
    Thanks for the link.
    The problem is: the same content column width is not all.
    Even the smallest change of font, or change of font size will change the layout of all articles, as all images and text are adjusted to each other – to each single line, each single letter.
    And: nobody can guarantee that something similar won’t happen with a new theme someday…


    Dear 1tess,
    Thank you very much for the link.
    I have to keep it as it is for a while. There is no time for creating a new header size, adjusting pages, sidebars and all that work. :-)
    “Infinite scrolling” – really, there is only one word for it: sigh :-)


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    I hear that! Not related to the infinite scrolling, but I just changed themes and am still working on getting things the way I want them…
    (and hoping that infinite scrolling won’t come along too soon)


    I wish you luck, 1tess.
    For me, trust in any theme is gone. Now it was infinite scrolling, next time it might be something else…
    However, hope dies last :-)

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