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    Hello, I’ve been searching for help on this topic but it havn’t found much.

    My question – how to have all of my blog posts on one page? Whether its my homepage or otherwise. It seems that only a single post appears on the home page.

    I’m new to this and still trying to learn my way around so…

    thanks for being kind.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi! You need to go to your dashboard, and under Settings, you click Reading. On the Reading page, make sure that your “Blog Page Shows at Most” has a number in it that is greater than one — however many posts you would like to have displayed on the page.



    There may also be some special customizations that you need to do with the Morning After theme, but I’m unfamiliar with that one.


    Theme explained here:

    If you’re new to this, better use a different theme.



    Hi, thanks for your reply. But my “blog page shows at most” is set to 10.



    You can’t have an infinite maximum. I have over four thousand posts: if you had them all on one page, it would never open.



    I just needed to change the theme. Thanks everyone!


    @qrec: You’re welcome. Obviously you didn’t have the time to read my post. In the Morning After, that setting doesn’t apply to your main page (like it does in almost all other themes), it applies to category and archive pages only.



    @qrec: take a look at the link that panaghiotisadam posted in his reply.

    It appears from looking at Morning After, that it’s intended to show the most recent post plus a few featured posts. You only have a few posts at this point, so if you want to stay with this theme, after you have more posts, you can figure out how to use the featured posts area and highlight certain of your posts that way.

    You may also just simply wish to try a different theme that’s simpler. (I think the default “shows at most” number is 10 — personally, I wouldn’t put more than a dozen max, but that’s my personal taste.)

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