all emails from WordPress showing up blank in my email and my subscribers emails

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    None of the emails from WordPress are showing up in their entirety…only the titles. Very disconcerting to get tons of emails that are blank, for me and my subscribers. Those not on Facebook are unable to read my posts, and they’re frustrated. Is this something specific to AOL? Are they spamming WordPress or are you on their “white list” as a forum volunteer suggests? Should I remove my email subscription button from my blog if it proves useless? Hope you can help… thanks.
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    Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into what may be causing the trouble and we are working to get it fixed. It’s not spam. It does seem to be limited to AOL or even Internet Explorer users.

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    Hi there,

    We believe this issue has been resolved.

    Please let us know if you’re still encountering this issue — and if so, what operating system and email client (or web browser) you’re using to access your email.

    Thanks! :-)



    The problem’s not yet resolved on my end. WordPress messages show up on my AOL email, but when I open them up the pages are still blank. Two others who I know that subscribed to my blog via AOL are experiencing the same problem. My husband says to tell you we’re using Microsoft 7.

    Hope you can fix things…really frustrating. Lots of emai messages…but all of them blank. Constant reminders that I still have a problem.




    It looks like the fix only worked for a few folks. We’re still looking into this.



    This should be all fixed up now. Sorry for the trouble!

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