Akismet blocking legitimate comments

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    A regular reader’s comment on my blog keeps getting blocked by akismet – it is frustrating and i wouldn’t like to lose this reader :-) Any suggestions please?

    The blog I need help with is ochuko.wordpress.com.



    Use the contact form at http://akismet.com and send the person’s name / email please.


    Akismet has to continually adjust their software to try and keep up with the spammers who are constantly changing tactics to try and keep ahead of the spam programs. It’s a vicious circle, and sometimes when adjustments are made, legitimate comments can end up getting caught.

    Akismet will learn. It may take several times with you despamming them, but it will learn and then they will not be caught anymore.

    Alternately, you can go to Akismet.com and contact them with all the information including your blog URL, your username, and the commenter’s email address so that they can fix it from their end.

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