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    i seem to have as ad invasion on my blogs. It’s like the advertizing folks are at war with me. I’m trying to get along with these guys and work with them. But it’s getting too ridiculous when, for example, an ad is embedded between a picture and a caption, or eight interruptions by the same ad occur in one post, etc. I definitely need some help here eliminating this problem. Or I’m going to be eliminated. So my question is ~ how can I work with these creepy ads?

    The blog I need help with is


    Ads vary depending on who is viewing your site and where in the world they are based. I only see three (not creepy) adverts on the front of your site and a ad in your sidebar. The only guaranteed way to remove them is to upgrade to a paid plan.



    Thank you for responding.

    What you saw, not counting the sidebar ad, were ads I actually made to counterbalance the creepy ads that are mysteriously placed by others. The creepy ads don’t appear on the blogs when I’m logged-in. No ads except for those I made (for products I actually use and like ~ the 3 that I think you saw) appear, presently, when I’m logged-in. They all appear when I’m logged out.

    It might be a virus, huh?

    Anyway, to upgrade to a paid plan has been advised twice now.

    I might start a massive pruning of posts and links and try to keep these blogs ~ 5 or 6 ~ free…

    Thank you very much for responding. This is my first-time utilization of this forum. So I’m a bit of a novice…


    the over-proliferation of ads on our blogs, like the invasion of ants on picnic tables, has spun our attempts at higher consciousness into a nose dive so that there ain’t nobody at them picnic tables anymore & activities are layed dormant & the ads are left to feed on themselves now…

    I felt like I was providing a service. Now I must pay to provide the same service without ants all over the place. Is there anyway we can work with these ad folks without them driving away our ~ our presence?



    I don’t think so ~ not without paying wordpress some money.

    I think wordpress is evolving into a vanity book publisher like entity now ~ in that they’ll publish your stuff if you pay ~ rather than the other way ’round, them paying you to provide a service on your blog. Of course, I don’t think they’ve ever done that. But they did provide viable publishing platforms for free for awhile ~ but alas, they’re now overrun by an invasion of ants ~ or ads that behave like ants ~ you know, with absolutely no integrity…

    One solution might be to go dormant for a long long while. Meantime maybe wordpress can get these creepy ads to develop some integrity…


    well well, i think what we got here is a clean platform on which to blog when we’re logged-in, but an ad-crazed product available to the general public. That’s the beginning and end of it for now, brother!


    Hi there,

    Do you have the URL of that post? It sounds like you are describing an inline ad, which is a relatively new addition to sites, but something you will see in many themes of sites with the free plan moving forward. They are occasionally placed between paragraphs of posts. I would like to check what you’re seeing to make sure it isn’t malware or something else.

    If you are interested in removing the ads, you can do so by upgrading to a paid plan:

    Let me know if you have any questions.




    hello sir ~

    I just wrote you a thorough letter but i forgot to log-in so its gone. Go ahead, take a peek. Do it while logged off. Everything is fine now ~ when I’m logged-on. Blogging is great. It’s the public that is getting short-changed, i believe.



    Hi there,

    What you’ve given here are the URLs for three separate sites. @darnelldibbles asked for a link to the specific post where you are seeing those ads.

    I looked at all three those sites, and don’t see anything out of the ordinary regarding the ads. On the post at I did see an inline ad, added inbetween paragraphs on the site, but as @darnelldibbles said, those are intended.



    Oh another staff member ~ hello!

    While logged-off, I just looked at what you said you looked at, being the blog entitled, “A Ghost Town Called Love”, and in the top post alone I counted 18 ads. I saw these ads, please note, while I was logged off. When I am logged-on, the ads aren’t there.

    If you looked while logged-on, rather than logged-off, the 18 ads in the top post, incidentally entitled, “Standing Beside Me”, probably weren’t there. Now, if you look at this post while logged-off, I don’t know whether you’ll see what I see or not. For all I know, you live in Rome, and in Rome the ads don’t show up. But where I am, which is Yuma Arizona, and from my computer in the public library, I see 18 infuriating, nonsensical, ads of no integrity what-so-ever, and they love to interrupt stanzas & make mince meat of a very good poem…


    I don’t think would put 18 inline ads within a single post. I’m in the UK. Looking at:
    when logged out I just see two adverts at the very bottom of the post and one ad in the sidebar. Can you check the site on some other equipment? There is always the possibility that the public library computer you’re using contains browser malware/adware.



    Okay ~ here’s the URL of the post I spoke-of ~ ~
    on which 19 ads (current count) appear while I’m logged-off.

    While I’m logged-on the ads don’t appear there.



    This is very interesting.

    A little later today I might be able to get to another computer outside the public library system. If when I get to this other location, we might know a little more about my vexation.

    Thank you, magic robot, for your input…

    And thank you, wordpress staff members, for zeroing in on this strange phenomena.

    It could be a more localized venom occurring here…



    Hi @rawclyde009, I see one ad at the bottom of each “page” in addition to the one on the side bar. Since the poem is long with a lot of line breaks, that means in my logged out window I do see about 13 instances. But they are all the same ad for me. Is that what you see too?



    I will say they did not look like anything out of the ordinary, just your typical ad per page thing. Those just help cover our costs. Any paid plan would get rid of those.

    Or you might try some formatting that would reduce the number of “pages” used to display the poem so there would be fewer ads in it.



    Hi Folks ~

    Well, I got to a computer outside the public library and the ad situation was about the same ~ lots of ads when logged-off ~ no ads at all when logged-on.

    To me it looks like, when logged-off, malicious ad proliferation. When logged-on, the blogs look like they ought to look ~ just fine ~ and without any ads.

    If things remain stable ~ I guess the ad situation is just how it is. If more ads come around than there already are ~ maybe its a virus or something.

    I tend to think it’s part of a malevolent political censorship bubble over Arizona ~ but that’s just me. Maybe I just don’t like ads. Maybe I’m delusional. Maybe I don’t want to pay for a “paid plan”.

    I have some journalism background and know the importance of ads. I’ll leave it there for now ~ unless someone else wishes to pontificate…




    We run ads on free sites to keep them free:

    Nothing malicious is intended.

    To remove ads from your site, simply upgrade to any of our paid plans:

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