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    I’m confused. Sorry newbie here. I want to add a plugin that I found on but it says you add it through the Plugin tab. I can’t see one on my account and the widgets list that is the default in my wordpress account doesn’t have a way to add any additional widgets.

    If they are listed on should you not be able to add them to your wordpress blog? Also, where do I find the plugins tab so I can put the timezone widget on my blog.

    Thanks in advance.


    You cannot add plugins to blogs hosted on The plugins at are only for blogs that are self-hosted using the software downloaded from


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    I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two. So if I understand you correctly .org is for those who most likely have their own domain?

    Having my own domain is where I want to eventually get to but thought I would do a friends/family blog for practice first. So much to learn… thanks!



    For clarification on the difference between .com and .org, please refer to the following FAQ article –



    Also .org is were they pay for a hosting provider…



    There is a guy who has got his blog hosted on and he actually has a plugin installed called SyntaxHighlighter ( I thought it is not possible. Can somebody explain that to me? Thanks.



    Um, can you explain to me what Syntax Highlighter does? Looks like a perfectly normal blog to me. Lots of things are possible at, but installing plugins isn’t one of them.


    What you are seeing on that blog is the use of the the code-displaying “shortcode” has provided for us to use here. It allows us to display code within out blogs and will highlight syntax for a large variety of languages.

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