Adding pictures to posts

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    <img id=”image88″ height=”96″ alt=”Westkapelle, Netherlands” src=”” width=”127″ />

    This is the actual code WordPress generated for me when I just tried posting a picture. It refuses to post anything else besides a thumbnail for me. Notice how the width=”127″ tag comes after the URL. I put this after the height=”96″ and changed both values to the values that I resized my picture to using a photo editor. This solved the problem for me. I did this using the HTML Source Editor within the Write Post function.

    You can also add a <center></center> tag within the paragraph tags in the code for the picture so it will be centered in the blog.




    You may have missed the follow up in your other thread as you’re at the wrong site and what works for you with that software, may or may not work here as it’s different software.


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