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    Hi, I want to move my blog from blogspot to here, but I want to be able to just insert an image, like blogspot. Right now, It seems that I have to upload a ‘file’ then add it, but it ONLY adds a thumbnail. I’d love to just have the image full size sometimes. Can this be done?



    If you click the image in the upload box under the post screen it will give you some options.


    Yes, and when I click ‘send to editor’ it only sends the thumbnail. I want to be able to have it just post the image, rather than the thubnail and a link to the image…



    Yeah, when you use the original image the editor still sizes it incorrectly.



    I just host my pictures on Flickr, but it is an inconvenience. (I just switched over from blogger, I miss the spellcheck, and the ability to customize the template)



    Andy just fixed this in WP core. It will be rolling to soon.



    I’ve just been viewing the html and then removing or changing the image dimensions, and taking of the “.thumbnail” part of the src.


    Is there a way to control the size of the thumbnail image? Also if you upload an image over 1MB it seems to not create the thumbnail (or give you the option). Anybody know more about how this works?



    Creating thumbnails of very large images is not done because of memory problems. If you’re displaying images on your blog then you should resize them much smaller, or if you want to link to the original, then create a thumbnail yourself using your software so it will look exactly how you want it to. (ie. unsharp mask, size..)



    That reminds me: How much space do we have around here for images? Will I be fine for a few years if I don’t post massive ammounts of pictures, or do we have like a 25mb storage limit or something?



    There used to be a storage indicator, was that canned?



    Ok, Really a rookie when it comes to Blogs. How do I upload images???



    Go to Dashboard, then to Write, Write Post. Below the text editor is the place to pick image files to upload.



    And how to delete the uploaded images there, in the Upload box? I don’t want to keep them here to save server space and I don’t use them on my blog…



    And how to delete the uploaded images there, in the Upload box? I don’t want to keep them here to save server space and I don’t use them on my blog…

    you can browse images in your account under the text editor the next time you post or edit. click on the image you no longer wish to use and delete. i’m sure that images which are not called upon are automatically marked for deletion after a long period of time.

    for those that are unaware, after clicking the image under the editor and choosing to use original, close the dialogue box, then drag the image into the editor. the url to the image will be pasted. take note to erase the extra copy of the filename which is added as well.

    i use the firefox signature extension to add my image code, then i drag the image from the well into the editor to the appropriate placement.



    Flickr seems to be quite handy. Upload images, then press send to blog. You can format them to the size you want then send them. This has really worked for me after hours and hours trying to upload images.
    Hope you have had luck!



    derek: Thank you! I never knew I could click to activate the contextual menu. Then again, I am fairly new to WP and I love it more every passing day!
    Thanks again.



    I’m sorry but I still can’t figure out how to post photos. No matter what the size of the photo, I still get some tiny thumbnail in my post. When I click, drag, and re-size in the post editor, it just makes the photo larger and more blurry. I’ve tried using photos that I use as screen savers (800×600) but can’t make them more than 1.5×2 inches in a post.

    This is the one thing that keeps me from moving my blog over here, and I’d love to be able to figure it out.

    Please help!
    Mike at (email redacted)




    When you have uploaded an image you will see a thumbnail.

    Left click on it. You will see some options. There’s two things you need to do:

    1. Click “using thumbnail” and it will change to “Using original”.
    2. If anything except “Use Original” is written in the second line click it until you see “Use original”.

    Then choose “Send to editor”. The editor will then insert the appropriate code at the cursor in the edit window.

    You need to bear in mind that displaying 800×600 images on most of the themes at (in fact most themes!) will break the layout. The sidebar will shoot to the bottom of the screen, leaving you scratching your head as to what the hell is going on!

    I will email this to you too.

    Hope it helps.




    What no one has mentioned yet in this thread is that there is a way to work around the thumbnail in the post problem. It has been acknowledged in many other threads that I’ve read that no matter what you do and no matter if you are using the HTML or the Rich Text Editor, when you send the image to the editor it automatically inserts a thumbnail sized image in your post.

    HERE’S THE WORKAROUND: Look in the image code until you find height=”96″. Your options are:

    (1) if the full sized image is small enough not to break the template, i.e., height or width not exceeding 500 px, then just delete height=”96″.

    (2) If the full sized image is too big, then replace “96” with the height it should really be. I always use 400px as a standard size in my posts because its easy to remember and will not break the template. If it’s a horizontal, I’ll replace height=”96″ with width=”400″. Not necessary to add the other dimension.

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