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    Does anyone know how to add images with links to your blog? And I don’t mean making a post with a link in it, but rather a permanent imagine somewhere on the homepage with a link to it.


    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Use a text widget to put it into your sidebar. How to make an image link:

    A text link normally looks like this:
    <a href="URL_OF_WEBSITE">TEXT_TO_CLICK</a>
    if you want to a picture to serve as a link, instead of "TEXT_TO_CLICK" in between the tags, you place an image tag, which looks like this:
    <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/>
    To put them together, they would look like this:
    <a href=""URL_OF_WEBSITE"> <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/> </a>
    Instead of the text becoming a link, the image becomes a link.


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    typo alert (extra ” marks):
    <a href="URL_OF_WEBSITE"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/></a>
    To make the link open in new page:
    <a href="URL_OF_WEBSITE" target="_blank"> <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/></a>
    and for some reason, wp seems to insist on alt=”” />

    <a href="URL_OF_WEBSITE"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE" alt="" /></a>
    <a href="URL_OF_WEBSITE" target="_blank"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE" alt="" /></a>


    The image “alt” tag is part of the web standard, and Google at least will not index images without it.


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    Ah, so that’s it! Thanks. I always use it, and get a lot of hits on images, so now I know why!


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    Well, that is, I fill it in:
    alt=”descriptive words”

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