Adding a featured posts slider on static front page.

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    At the moment I’m just setting up a template for my blog. Created a static front page on ‘Skylark’ theme and can’t quite fathom how to add a featured posts slider onto the static front page.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    The slider requires you to do a few things before it will show up on your static home page.

    First you will need to create a series of new Posts (he slider can accommodate up to 10). Make sure the posts are marked “sticky” (see on the right hand side of the post page under “Publish”). Adding title and text content is optional and up to you.

    Each of the posts that you want to appear in the slider needs to have a featured image that is at least 500 px wide or it won’t show up.

    You will then need to pPublish them before they show up. I’m pretty sure the feature does not work in preview.

    Start here and let us know if this at least gets you going. Then we can help with details.



    Please consult the theme description found here
    Scroll down to “Showcase page template” and follow the instructions there.
    P.S. doesn’t offer the option to add in different slider code.


    Many thanks.


    I’ve added half a dozen sticky posts (example ones), all with images larger than 500 pixels wide yet still a featured post slider hasn’t appeared.

    So I’m unsure if I’m doing anything wrong or not :/


    Apologies, it’s all fine. You are all awesome and thanks so much for the help!!! :)

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