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    Is there a way to add OpenID delegation links to the head of my template?

    I have an openid at I’m using delegation (from a blog) so that I can use my own domain (rather than I accomplished that delegation on my (self-hosted) blog by adding these links to the head of my WP template:

    Is there a way to do that on



    Sorry, I don’t think you’re in the right place. This is the support forum for WordPress.COM. You need to be over at support for self-hosted WordPress

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference



    Actually this is the right forum for the question justjennifer. I want to add the links to the head element on the template for my blog. I mentioned my self-hosted/ blog only in passing to say that I have gotten this sort of thing to work self-hosted.

    So while provides me an OpenID, I’m finding it difficult, once I have specified my own domain for my blog, to then get that blog to delegate OpenID requests to a _different_ OpenID provider (in this case

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