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    Hi My theme is The Ambiru. Someone has asked if it’s possible for me to put next and previous links on the posts so that they can read through my blog chronologically. Is there a way to do this without losing the scrolling on the homepage?



    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not quite certain why you’ve posted this in the CSS Customization forum, as I don’t believe changing anything in your theme’s style sheet will help you here as it doesn’t change theme functionality.

    Ambiru, which is now retired, is one of those themes that doesn’t include such previous/next navigation in single post view, but there are plenty of other themes that do. Make sure to check out each theme’s demo site.


    Ok, thanks. Not to worry. I posted it here because someone had posted a similar question on the support forum and was told to post it on the CSS forum. Thanks for your time



    You can use to access your blog posts in chronological order.

    Check Show your Posts in Chronological Order support document for more options.

    Having said that, I would switch to a more modern theme as @justjennifer suggested. You can use the information in the aforementioned support document with any theme.



    Wonderful. Thanks so much. Just one question – if I switch themes do I keep all the comments and links etc?

    Thanks again



    Yes, your comments and links will be retained across the themes. :-)

    Please review Switch Themes support document to understand which things needs to checked after switching the themes.


    You’re very kind. Thank you


    No worries. You are welcome :-)


    Your theme is not designed to have next and previous option . What you can do choose another theme and switch over to it.



    @jackreacher03- Thanks for your input, but two other people already have answered the OP with this exact information. What purpose does repeating our answers serve?

    @londonchoirgirl- You’re welcome from me as well and best wishes for your site.

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