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    Introducing: Our New Action Bar

    Do you have feedback or bug reports you’d like to share with us about the new action bar? If so, please leave a comment here.

    Thank you for your feedback!


    I would like an option on the new Action Bar to use the classic editor instead of the new editor. The new editor does not have the Writing Helper (for copying a post or requesting feedback), and it does not have a way to access previous revisions. I use these features of the classic editor a great deal. I would like both editors to be available on the Action Bar.




    I didn’t participate in testing for this one, so was curious to try it out. I noticed that clicking on the Shortlink option creates a pop-up box, and I abhor those, so I tried right-clicking instead. That caused the action bar to collapse again, while the right-click menu appeared seemingly unattached to anything. This caused me to do a double-take, which is perhaps not the most desirable thing in a UI.

    Couldn’t it perhaps be tweaked so that left-clicking on the shortlink option directly copies the URL to the user’s clipboard, rather than opening a pop-up?

    Otherwise I must say I could get used to this new feature. I was a little dismayed that it disappeared when I scrolled down, and again it took a moment to figure out it re-appears when I scroll up again. But I like the direct links to Blogs I Follow and I like very much that one can now get to the theme without scrolling to the very bottom of the blog. It will make troubleshooting in the forums much easier :)


    @biblescienceguy, thank you for including context and specifics in your feedback. I really appreciate that! On your request to link to both editors, there aren’t any plans to offer a link to the older editor in the action bar right now, but we do have some behind-the-scenes work happening to improve the new editor—there was a ton of feedback about it when the last round of editor changes happened and I definitely feel we could have done it better. We are learning from that experience! Instead of backtracking on it, we’re really intent on learning from mistakes and moving forward because, after all the planned updates are in, we think the editor will be in a much better position with better infrastructure behind it. When we get to that point, we’ll be able to re-consider adding back some of the features you mentioned. I’m sorry I can’t get those kinds of answers/updates for you sooner!


    @kokkieh, I’ll forward your suggestion about the shortlink. I’m not sure it’s an adjustment we can make right away, but I agree it’s worth checking up on.

    But I like the direct links to Blogs I Follow and I like very much that one can now get to the theme without scrolling to the very bottom of the blog. It will make troubleshooting in the forums much easier :)




    I noticed that the Action Bar also shows up when you’re not even logged in. So people who come to my site who aren’t WP users or logged into WP in any way see it? It’s great that it disappears as you scroll down but I’d rather it not be there on people who are coming to the site.

    Isn’t there any way to put all of this in the black menu bar above?


    @sassone, the new action bar shouldn’t be there when logged out. Can you refresh? The wrong follow button was showing verrrry briefly after launch, but it got fixed right away! Please also see this thread for more detail on that specifically:



    Great, thanks!



    I only use the classic editor for new posts and editing older ones. tpenguinltg made some work arounds so you only go to the classic editor, see his blog post:

    The “new” follow action bar is not something I would want on my blog posts. I have already disabled the old “follow” button and now this shows up and cannot be disabled. More clutter of unnecessary stuff I am not interested in.

    As for receiving more “followers”, I would prefer not to have so many that are truly not interested in my blog but only click “follow” to get more “followers” for their own blog. I rarely if ever, click on the blogs of new followers for that reason.



    To tell you the truth I don’t understand the necessity for this change.

    This new “action bar” adds nothing more to what we already had at the top bar, and honestly, the following and like buttons up there were way more easy to use and to keep track of the blogs you were following.

    The only things “useful” are the access to theme and to the blogs I follow, but it would have been better to add those functions on the top bar, than to have this new one.


    I have to agree with capa105 on this one. I don’t understand why something that worked just fine had to be changed.
    It was way easier for me when the follow and like button were in the top bar. Why would you detach it from there? The visibility of the possible actions was a lot better when they were all in the black bar, because why would it disappear from the corner as I scroll along? Am I only going to follow a blog when I am at the top of the blog page? No, sometimes I decide to follow someone after reading three posts and then I have to go all the way back up, which is rather unconvenient.
    To be honest, I would prefer it if the like and follow button remained in the top bar! You can add new features there if you like. The visibility is better there anyway.



    I agree that the action bar should be at the top where all the other ‘actions’ are already.
    I like the idea of being able to open the editor from the action bar, but the new editor only shows 4 lines of my text. It makes editing next to impossible. Is there some way to make the new editor show as much text as the old editor does?


    @capa105, thanks for your comment. One of the goals behind this change is to simplify the top bar across all platforms: desktop, mobile, apps, everything.

    @impossiblegirl123, we change things a ton around here. We are constantly working to make tools better and right now there is even more change happening than usual—my apologies for it being a pain in the short term!

    On your point about the action bar disappearing when scrolling down, the idea behind that is for it to get out of the way when you are truly reading and interacting with the content on the page you’re viewing. You shouldn’t have to go all the way back up with the action bar to follow the blog you’re reading because it should appear when you scroll up even just a little at any point. Another one of the goals for this change is to see how it performs when it’s in this new location. Hopefully it will help bring more engaged readers to more blogs, like the ones dandelionsalad said they would prefer to have.

    @greylocks, what you described about the editor sounds like a separate issue from the action bar itself, would you mind please opening a separate help request about that and please include more detail such as a link to an example post where you are seeing the problem happen and also mention what type of device you are using and the OS/browser version? I did a few tests just now in a few different browsers on both Mac and Windows and editing is working normally for me so I am not sure yet what could be causing the trouble in your case.



    From a quick first look it seems that the bubble for the in-page translation tool should be added to the action bar instead of being separate. Don’t know if there’s currently a place where both are shown together, but it would make sense to incorporate it anyway.


    Thanks for the note @swissspidy! I’ll make sure I get this suggestion in front of the i18n team.


    @designsimply, I can see how the top bar isn’t suitable for all devices, but it was perfect for desktop in my opinion. Maybe I’m just not that god with change.
    About the action bar: I did what you said and the follow bar appeared. It seems I am mostly scrolling too fast for the bar to appear and only if I do it slowly it pops up.
    Nonetheless, I would prefer it if the like button was still visible in the top bar.



    Nonetheless, I would prefer it if the like button was still visible in the top bar.

    I didn’t notice that the like button is now completely missing. I often use it if the in-post button doesn’t load due to connection issues. I second the request that it be brought back.


    @designsimply, a couple of questions for you. So, if the “like” button is eliminated on the top black bar, the only way to “like” a post is if the blogger has a “like” button at the end of their posts or through the Reader or email? I’ve disabled the “like” button on posts so now no one can “like” the blog posts?

    And the “reblog” button is also missing. So now no one can “reblog” until you have finished with your changes? I do have the “reblog” button active, but it isn’t available because I don’t have the “like” button active on my posts.

    And just an observation, I posted a comment on the WP blog post on this topic 24 hours ago and it still hasn’t shown up although another 20-30 comments have been posted since then. This is not the first time this has happened either. Positive comments are approved and less than positive comments are moderated for days after posting.



    Positive comments are approved and less than positive comments are moderated for days after posting.

    That is normal – in some cases they turn to comments off when they know the reception will not be positive – seen it many times



    In another thread, I complained that the re-blog buttons had all disappeared…

    Someone responded that the reblog button was removed when the Action Bar was added…

    So, where is the reblog button now???

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