Account Accidentally Deleted, now I can’t get to my domain.

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    I paid for a domain through WordPress, then it forced me into deleting the account, and now I can’t get access to my site, I have lost my domain and cannot access it.


    I guess I either need a refund and a do over or merge the old domain with my other WordPress account.



    What’s the domain you’ve lost access to?

    If you deleted another account that owned a domain, it would have been under a different email. Did you get an email regarding deleting an account?


    Well, it’s been over 12 hours and still no response from WordPress. This is a lack of user support I have not encountered before.


    Hi there,

    What is the domain address that you deleted? Also, I’m curious as to why you were forced to delete your account? You may be able to get it back if you still wanted the account.

    Let us know and I will look into this for you.




    Also have similar issue.



    Can you respond to the account cancellation email and explain the situation? If you just got rid of the domain, site, and account, support can restore them for you.

    Noting too, if the domain was newly registered when you cancelled it, it’ll be released within about 5 days. We can’t tell this without knowing what the domain is, though, so if you’d like us to look it up, please let us know the domain here.

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