A temporary solution to your outlook spam problem

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    Dear WordPressers,
    since the outlook spam followings did not stop I simply disabled notifications of new followings, because this outlook spammer unfollows within a day in order not to be traced, so I just look from time to time into my new followers.

    This brought me a simple idea that to stop those spam-followings which only are designed to trigger the curiosity of notified people to mail them:

    If you add a rule that any outlook follower will only be announced by mail when still is following 2 days later, it should solve that problem (because the spammers will have unfollowed by then).

    simple timeline:
    day 0: outlook spammer follows (wordpress timestapms it but holds notification)
    day 1 : outlook spammer unfollows
    -> Spammers disappeared by themselves
    day 2 : wordpress re-checks if outlooker still follows and only then sends mail to user

    The only drawback will be that followers with an outlook mail account will be announced in notifications with a 2 day delay.
    But that in my eyes is totally acceptable.

    The blog I need help with is sodarshanchakrakriya.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not that simple, as it would require rewriting a significant part of the code that control how notifications on WordPress.com works, which will have to be rewritten again once we’ve been able to block these spammers. So this is not a suggestion that we’ll be able to implement.



    Look, all I see is that this issue goes on since months already and gets on everyones nerves.
    If you haven’t solved it by now you are unlikely to solve it in the near future, but seem to simply “sit this out”.
    Let 2 more of such issues add to this nuisance and you may start to loose out members to blogger.com

    If this is too complicated to program for you, then you also could simply send all notifications not linked to a new following signup, but based on a daily query of the followers which are between 1 & 2 days old. This also solves the problem.
    All that takes is to replace the following-process with a cronjob to trigger notifications.

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