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    I’ve just started using the Emire theme. (http://jhanaji.wordpress.com/) The problem is that the first post (the very latest post) is the only one that has a link for comments, edit, etc. After the first post, there’s nothing there where this stuff is supposed to be. So there’s no way for anyone to leave a comment, and I cannot even edit a post without having to go roundabout through my dashboard. There is obviously some missing code in the stylesheet. I have not made any changes whatsoever to the stylesheet at this point, so … I didn’t do it!

    In addition to including the missing code, I would also like to have the background that is behind the first (latest) post to be a regular feature of all the posts. Can anyone help me with this?



    If you open the post in its own page (click on the title), there is a box for readers to write their comments. Maybe it’s a “feature” of the theme to only make this obvious on the newest post?

    I’m sure someone can tell you how to add those links using the CSS. Good luck!



    Thank you judyb12. I hadn’t noticed that feature. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s nice in a way because it makes the blog look more streamlined, but I think a lot of people will not realize that they can leave a message by opening the individual post. This feature kind of begs for post summaries. I think I would rather have a small link at the bottom of the post for comments, but I can live with it this way if I have to. However, I would still like to have the background of the latest post on all the posts. Maybe someone can tell me how to do that. I’ve combed the stylesheet to find the code, but I can’t find it, and I cannot figure out how to do it.



    Oh, never mind. I see this background is on each post when the post is opened. This is a very strange … but interesting theme.


    CSS is not HTML. it cannot add links to a page. the comment link is added by the theme itself.

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