A note to our volunteers

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    First off, thank you for your help in these forums. You all rock, and we don’t say that enough.

    We’ve noticed recently that someone appears to be indiscriminately modlooking threads that have no replies, whether they are for issues that require staff help or not.

    While we’re happy to check all these threads, if you feel you know the answer and are able to help with such a thread, please feel free to reply so the user can get the help they need faster. When staff gets to your thread in the queue, we’ll then just remove the modlook tag and move on to the next person who needs our help.

    As a general reminder, we have some guidelines on when a thread should always be tagged for staff at https://wordpress.com/support/wordpress-com-volunteers/#when-to-call-in-staff, and when you do tag something for us, please still reply to the user to let them know help is on the way :)

    Thanks again!

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