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    The follower is listed as “emily” a 30 year old high heel worshiper etc etc etc .. But more careful inspection of her profile list code set skills , and a list of Hijacked websites that take over your browser and lock you there .
    I had to force quit Safari to get out of the first link as I wanted to see who was following me .
    ” Are you Sure You want to leave ?” I know better than to click that popup as it is a Script waiting to be released .
    The Blog she has is linked here

    Nothing on it , Go to her Profile then the magic starts to happen .
    I like Smart Girls , but not evil ones . Not sure which this one is .

    The blog I need help with is tinybirdproductions.wordpress.com.



    Oh yeah here is the Profile



    Emily became a “follower” to my blog today. This is a blog that I have only posted to once a year ago. Just making a note in case anyone wants to see a trail of what this person is doing. Probably it’s a spammer…



    Apparently “Emily” is making a run for it across WordPress–so is there a way to block a Follow that’s so clearly spam?


    Hi there, it is possible for spammers to follow your blog, although it isn’t something you need to worry about.

    Pretty much the only thing they have to gain by following you is getting you to visit or follow their blog through the notification email.

    If those followers have blogs that contain spam content, please report it following this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/report-blogs/

    It looks like the sites linked in the gravatar profile you linked to are not hosted by WordPress.com, so we can’t take them down. But you can report them to the webhost.


    Never blogged on my blog and got the same request from infamous emily. Hate that name. Is there anything to worry about with other blogs associated with the one emily followed? I have a few thanks


    Nope! Spam followers are just hoping that you’ll visit their site or profile. They haven’t compromised your site in any way.

    I have made note of this user, along with a few others we’ve come across, as following spammers. Our developers are looking at various ways to identify these types of users. But its a long process since we don’t want to have any false positives.

    You don’t have to worry about them. In general, you should avoid going to any sites that look suspicious, which applies here as well.

    Let me know if you have more questions!


    Thanks! Love my blog happy holidays



    Emily, appeared in my email box this morning also; I set up my site earlier in the year – has no info on it – but emails like this do cause me some concern as to whether I should forget the whole idea. Don’t need this kind of person to follow me should I make any posts.
    Love this feature on your site very helpful in clarifying the issue.


    but emails like this do cause me some concern as to whether I should forget the whole idea. Don’t need this kind of person to follow me should I make any posts.

    Most of these users actually never receive updates from your sites. They tend to block any emails from us and subscribe to so many sites that there’s no way they’re reading anything in the Reader. Their only goal is to drive traffic through these subscription updates.

    There’s really nothing to worry about. Let me know if there’s anything else I can explain to reassure you. :)



    Thanku for your explanation and reassurance 🍒 Merry Christmas



    I really appreciate everyone who has jumped on this , and to see how many are seeing the same thing . Thanks everybody



    This is about more than just getting users to visit the alleged spammer’s profile, it is just as much an attempt to conveniently get hold of personal information. Which should serve as a reminder about what should be published on places like this and what not. That aside, to the person who stated that they hate the name “Emily”, this is completely unacceptable!



    By the way, this is where the introduction was taken from and altered:



    What’s unacceptable is blathering on and on after Staff have already responded in a thread as was done here. strungup66 thread was answered by shawnajroberts
    Staff and that is why I am tagging this thread for closure.



    Emily isn’t a Bad name , just happened to be the name of the former singer in my Band , and Nikita , Thank you for linking your blog I read the profile and indeed that is what was lifted and posted on that Gravitar site , It really bugs me that stuff like that happens or that people feel they have the need to do stuff like that as their own life is so pathetically small that they have to Hijack someone else .

    Timethief , I would prefer that it remain open so that the number of people actually experiencing this invasion can post here and a documented reference point can be made for any legal issues or pursuits pertaining the character in question who is perpetrating this technological misanthropy .


    @feelingsmaze – I’ve deleted your latest comment here. Making comments to state dislike of someone, their name, or any other personal attributes is not productive and goes against our Code of Conduct. Please make sure to keep your comments on topic in the future.


    That said, I will leave this thread open in case other users are concerned about this spam follower and have more questions for me about this.



    Understood. :) Whenever a thread goes sideways I immediately tag it for closure before it gets even worse. I do that because I consider Staff having to edit to remove any forum breaches of the code of conduct to be a waste of time. ;)


    And we definitely appreciate that timethief. :)

    I know these types of things can be stressful for people. And this user seemed to follow tons of blogs fairly recently. (Even my empty test sites now have them as a follower.)

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