A few suggestions about the upcoming 2.7 upgrade here

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    Zorcha, I know what you mean. It took me a while to get used to the images function with the most recent upgrade. Now I’m scared!



    Right next the “W” logo click the blog title

    Please refer to » screen shot


    I know it was said not all themes have threaded comments enabled. Is there a list of themes where they are enabled?



    Thanks, Teck07. It looks like I might have a little bug, then. I don’t see that title anywhere on my screen. I’m going to log out and then back in again to see if it’s a temporary glitch.


    It’s growing on me. I don’t think it loaded right the first time around; cuz the format, now, is way better (and organized). First time around, it wasn’t in columns. Anyhow, It would be nice to have ‘visit site’ back and a more intuitive link to ‘Forums.’


    RE the stats page: I have two columns below the graphic just like before (unless you are thinking of the navigation column at the left as the “third column.”



    Your welcome antigenre,

    If you your blog name still doesn’t show up you
    can fix it by going to settings > general > First option
    Called “Blog Title” > Screen shot


    I don’t see threaded comment settings anywhere, and I don’t see a reply button or link with each comment on my blog, so it may be that threaded comments either didn’t make the cut this time, or perhaps they will show up in the near future.



    All items on the interface now consume a lot more space that before. I really dislike all this wasting of precious space (I post from a laptop, not a 19′ wide screen). The navigation column was much more useful on the top (I could simple ignore it while posting).


    Well, actually, sacredpath, there is a reply button on your comments on the dashboard. I used it to reply to some comments. However, I find it isn’t threading on my theme. I went to Intense Debate, thinking maybe you have to activate it there, but it still just has directions for putting the plug-in on WordPress.org. So maybe that isn’t active yet. But this is something I’ve eagerly awaited. I really like the new interface, though, and think if people had read all the announcements, they would have had a better idea what to expect, and not reacted with “It Sucks” right off the bat. Change is hard. And it loads a lot faster with Chrome.



    The forum like has been added under the help tab now. :)
    Screen shot


    @silverstar98121, yes the reply link on the comments page I find a great addition. I was speaking more of the threaded comments on the blogs, which appears not to be active yet.



    hats off to the wordpress community, while there are those upset and confused about the new upgrades, this thread as well as others are really indicative of the kind and helpful nature of most users.

    this reminds me of when facebook switched over and people thought the world was going to end. fortunately i don’t see that too much here

    good job wordpress staff as well- i think it is a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and will feel more intuiative in a week or two



    @silverstar98121, and I forgot to mention, I find the new interface far faster than the previous version. I like that a lot.



    I like the new interface as well. :)


    Custom header. Nothing shows in the dash. This sucks.



    We’ve hidden the comment threading options until we can update the themes to support it. It will be coming though.


    I see the custom header link under “appearance” as long as the theme I’m using supports a custom header.


    @mtdwvirus, thanks for that update. I figured that was the answer.



    Thanks for the update. mtdewvirus, :)

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