A diagram with selectable regions that, on clicking, will take the reader to another page

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    I want to put a diagram on a page, where the diagram will have, say, six different regions (the diagram will represent a business model/ framework)

    I want the reader to be able to select (i.e. click on) each of the regions within the diagram and then be taken to another page on my blog (i.e. taken to the page that corresponds to the region they have selected).

    I can create such a diagram in, say, Visio or PowerPoint and use hyperlinks on objects within the diagram. (How) can I get such a diagram working within WordPress?

    If you want to understand better, then here is the set of pages that I am currently working with…and the gap that I am trying to fill: https://squiretothegiants.wordpress.com/index-of-posts/

    Many thanks for any help on this.

    The blog I need help with is squiretothegiants.wordpress.com.



    Although we WordPress.COM bloggers cannot plugins other Volunteers have said in the past that this online image mapping process works well
    http://www.image-maps.com/ and another possibility is



    Thanks for that…I’ll have a look.



    Yep, that worked (I think)…it’s the most technical thing I’ve achieved on WordPress so far so thanks for that! :)

    I used the 2nd link as it was much more obvious (to me) as to how to use.

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