2 Widgets side-by-side in the sidebar?

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    I have noticed on several blogs (like this one :http://llanesweddings.wordpress.com/) that you can put 2 widgets next to each other in the side bar, like the twitter and fb icons on the blog mentioned above. How do I do this? I’m assuming that theyre image widgets, but how to get them next to each other, not one above the other?


    The blog I need help with is kerrymurrayphotography.wordpress.com.



    They aren’t widgets. They are just images that are linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts. All you need to do is capture2 images and link each one to them to the appropritae accounts in a text widget and place that text widget in your sidebar. http://en.support.wordpress.com/widgets/text-widget/


    Yay! Thanks so much timethief… it took a bit of fiddling but I got it in the end. officially my first attempt at html!



    yes thanks from me as well – but to get the images side by side each with its own link…what code do you have to type in?? im very new to this

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