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    Sorry if I am posting an already covered topic, but I did some Googling and Searched around the forum a bit an could not find the answer, so I decided I would take a few second to post my question:

    Can I mention a release of a Torrent, without promoting it or posting links?

    I know that WP.com is strongly against Warez blogs, and I want to be clear that I am not intending to turn my blog into one.
    I am an enthusiast of Torrents, and it is one of my better known field when it comes to computers.
    Occasionally, I may want to mention a release of a hit movie onto a torrent tracker, and I just want to know if this is against the rule.

    For example, I may say such things as

    Dvd Rip of Iron Man has been released today onto Torrent Trackers. Happy day for Pirates.

    or Have a list of “10 Most Pirated Shows On Bit torrent”. Such as one on TorrentFreak


    I hope that I am making it clear that I don’t intend to have Rapidshare links or links to torrents, but simply post release of torrents for educational purposes, without directly promoting it. Of course, Posting torrents is not going to be the center point of my blog.

    So for the final time, is the against the TOS?



    If we receive a DMCA takedown notice we are required to remove the content it identifies. If we receive multiple DMCAs or believe we are likely to in future we will consider shutting down the whole blog to save the trouble of handling them all one by one.



    So, that is a maybe?



    I can’t predict what we’ll receive DMCA notices for. We do regularly receive them for posts that merely post links.

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