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  • lolchocobo

    Hi there. I’m getting back into blogging and I’m glad to see that the block editor has made some improvements since the last time I used it (e.g., in-line text colour formatting as opposed to the entire block). However, the rich-text control, along with many others, are stowed away in a drop down menu that I have to click each time. The only ones that appear by default when a paragraph block is selected are bold, italicise, and link. Is there a way to customise the toolbar so that the tools I want to use more commonly appear immediately on the toolbar?

    Thanks. I found it – you have to go to a page to edit rather than in the dashboard, then three buttons – followed your screen shot.
    I agree that the block editor is the next step after the Gutenberg people have had to make significant improvements. It is just that I need to fix the site in the next month and don’t have time to learn a whole new approach until later.
    I can see some advantages of the block editor including the proposed ability to change the theme in the future.
    Take care.


    I cannot find the three dots on either top right of the side bar – they may have either removed the option or hidden it well. This is a legacy site started in 2013

    Hello again, What’s the address of the site you’re working on?

    You mentioned in your first post that you switched to the Gutenberg Block Editor. If that is the case on a WordPress.com site, you’ll find the three dots when in the MySite’s Block Editor interface. https://a.cl.ly/jkuKbvW1

    After clicking the three dots at the top right in the Editor, at the bottom of the menu that opens you should see the Switch to Classic Editor. Clicking that should bring you back to the Classic Editor in the New Dashboard.

    Let us know if you don’t see that. Even better, please share a screenshot with us of what you do see. https://wordpress.com/support/make-a-screenshot/

    Keep in mind that switching back to the Classic Editor in the MySite dashboard is rather moot at this point since the entire WordPress.com site is to be switched over to the the Block Editor by default in the near future. https://wordpress.com/blog/2020/05/18/say-hello-to-the-wordpress-block-editor/

    If you are accustomed to writing in the WP Admin Classic Editor, that’s where you’ll need to go to create or edit new posts in the Classic Editor interface.


    I have a page that I have created that has multiple buttons throughout the page that I’ve added into different Gutenberg blocks. Now, every single time I go into this page to edit or update the page it adds buttons into the column blocks where I don’t want them. It is always adding the buttons into the same blocks and columns each time, and then I have to go through and delete them.
    I was planning on making a template of a page like this, but if I add buttons to a page and I have to worry about it adding more buttons every time I go back into the page I am very hesitant to want to create more pages like this.
    Does anyone have an explanation as to why it keeps adding buttons, even when I delete the button and the column every time it does this?



    Apologies if this is on the wrong forum, but I have, over the last 18 months, been looking at using Gutenberg – near each time I bunk out as there is always something wrong with it. Currently I am using it as the theme dictates that, however, I put a row with three columns in, duplicated it for an identical row below … only to find the second row does not sit centrally like the top row. This has happened before, Why?

    Currently building this website:

    While I understand that our coders like to force people from very intuitive editors to a completely different ecosystem that makes no sense to a non-techno-weenie, it is frustrating to be tricked into switching using click bait.

    I have a legacy WP site that I am developing again this week as a bit of a hobby. I can rip through the WP classic editor environment (WP Admin) intuitively and build pages without thinking.

    Sadly I just hit the button to check out the Gutenberg block editor and cannot return to the ecosystem that I can work naturally in … without purchasing a business account.

    Is there any other options to reverse this terrible mistake that may force me to stop fixing my parked website.


    Dear WordPress-Team,

    today while working on a new post for my cooking blog following error appeared on the backend of my WordPress site:
    The editor has encountered an unexpected error. Attempting the recovery didn’t work.
    I googled the problem and couldn’t find a solution.

    What I did so far:
    1. I disabled all the plugins and checked if the editor works.
    2. I installed both plugins ‘Classic Editor’ and ‘Disable Gutenberg’ and tested.
    3. I deactivated and deleted Yoast SEO and Jetpack.

    None of the solutions above worked really. After installing and activating Classic editor I can access the post, but the content of the post doesn’t appear. So I cannot edit it and add anything into it.

    Please help.


    In reply to: reusable blocks


    Hi there,

    What is your site’s URL? The account you’re using to post here doesn’t own any sites on WordPress.com.

    You mention a Caxton layout. Are you speaking of Caxton in South Africa that runs local newspaper websites? If so, those sites were built using the open source version of WordPress, made by the people on WordPress.org.

    Support for that version of WordPress is provided by the community at https://wordpress.org/support/forums/, and it’s also that community who makes the block editor. They’re already working on making this easier to find at https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/13390.



    Dears @writer0001, @valsrealife,

    have noticed above Your frustration about locating “parent” block of an object:

    Is there any way to have it so that you don’t have to find this invisible selection every time you want to align buttons? Because it usually takes me about four or five tries to find, which frustrates me.

    Have a good news: on 11 of June Gutenberg has released an update for Block editor plugin we use: version 8.3. Among the other improvements, there is a new function added to locate parent block of the selected item, it is visually shown here.

    Unfortunately I could not update to Gutenberg version 8.3 on My Site, I hope Automattic staf can help to answer when this version will be available on WP dashboard?

    While we wait for the update, here is another good tip: when you are on the object which parent box has to be located, simply look to the bottom of the page, at the breadcrumb navigation at the bottom of the editor you can select a parent block. Have added a link how it looks like:
    navigating the parent block

    Good luck!



    @wordpress, quoting the “Recommendation” I see at the top of my Classic Editor page:

    There’s an easier way to create posts on WordPress.com. Switch to the new block editor.

    [My bold]

    WHY WordPress, WHY … do you decide for members what is “easy” and what is not? Why do you not simply say: “There’s a different way etc. ” ?

    WHY must you stop making sense, since anyone with basic sense can easily see that there can be nothing easier than creating posts in the Classic Editor?

    (If you don’t mind my saying so, the “recommendation” at the top of the page is in fact a tad disrespectful, since it suggests that anyone who would NOT find the Gutenberg editor “easy” might not be too bright, or else too lazy to discover the “easiness” or even both. )




    I tried the Post Carousel block, but it says “sorry, no posts were found”

    This sounds like a bug. Can you send a link to the affected page so we can find more info?

    I tried the Gallery block, but it shows all the images I choose.

    I want to say the Gallery block does not currently link individual images to posts or pages:

    The logos block does but it won’t have a slideshow feature.



    @halilac, quote:

    Finally can anyone please explain to me where Gutenberg comes in, who or what is it/he

    Johannes Gutenberg was the guy who introduced printing to Europe, with the “printing press”, see this Wikipedia article:


    WordPress chose his name as the code name for the new, not so very appreciated Block Editor (only two stars out of five on Google Reviews…)


    As I understand it, “Gutenberg” was the internal name of the project, but they de-emphasized it because there was already a “Gutenberg Project” that digitized public domain print works and put them on the internet. Also, people pointed out to them that it was pretty audacious to imply that developing the block editor was somehow akin to inventing the printing press. So now it is the”Block Editor” or sometimes they try to call it “the WordPress Editor.”



    The various members’ comments all seem to make the same point, which I endorse fully. Meanwhile WP has delayed the imposition of the block editor.
    The solution, which they can still work on before imposing, is to have the block editor which Manxman thinks so highly of (he even admits that we have to read “extensive documentation” before even beginning to understand it) simply as an OPTIONAL alternative choice, with the classic editor (or the present one that followed it) as the main and default version.
    Anyone prepared to go through all the palaver of difficulties with the block editor will not mind having to press an extra button to select it every time. The rest of us will continue happily as at present.

    Finally can anyone please explain to me where Gutenberg comes in, who or what is it/he and what is the connection with free books download, or is it a different one?


    My business partner installed Elementor but I want to edit our site with the new Blocks Editor? How do I switch our site to Blocks / Gutenberg editor?


    In reply to: Mixcloud


    Hi! Thanks for writing.
    I think I have found the issue being that I had Privacy Badger enabled on my WordPress post page, and it was blocking Mixcloud. And probably a few other kinds of links I’ve been trying to embed on other posts.
    I’ve made the troublesome page live so you can see it.

    I think turning off Privacy Badger for mixcloud did the trick. But then looking at the post again, the embed disappeared, both the Mixcloud Advanced and the basic Mixcloud WordPress block. I disabled Adblock Plus for my site, and they reappeared. These took the direct url to the playlist and I finally got the noce preview.

    The shortcode option didn’t work, as you can see. Which kind of Gutenberg block should I try pasting it into?

    Thanks again!
    Mark McDermott


    In reply to: Calendar changes


    Hi folks, I’ve been advocating for something along those lines here:

    I’ve noted this request. Hopefully it’ll be added to WordPress core :)





    Everyone in this thread is being so nice about the disaster that is Gutenberg.

    I must force myself to maintain a basic level of politeness because if I dropped that I would be banned from this forum, or even WP. The shell is very thin. Inside I angry, frustrated and sad.

    I too will say that if the Classic Editor is removed, the “writer” part of my life is ruined.



    Incidentally, someone said that the block editor is needed for columns. It took time to learn how to do it, but I have columns on the first page of one of my sites which I managed with HTML successfully long ago.
    Two other problems that I overcame (one partly with the help of your happiness engineer, I forget his name).One was to indent the first line of a paragraph, and the other to start a new paragraph without a blank line. (You must not use p and must use HTML.)
    There are problems with the current visual editor, merely entering it and leaving removes background and centring, so I avoid it. I have not tried the block editor and do not want to, especially after reading the comments. However I am surprised that June 1st has passed and nothing has happened. Have they postponed it?
    Meanwhile I am happy with the HTML.

    Finally, where does Gutenberg come in? He supplies free books to download, or is that a different one?


    Everyone in this thread is being so nice about the disaster that is Gutenberg.

    I’m fed up with nice.

    Let’s get this straight.

    You have ruined my life.

    I spent inordinate amounts of time learning how to write a blog. How to tease my words into interesting patterns to make reading my blog interesting for my reader.

    Why do you think Distraction-Free wordprocessors are such a hit with writers?
    Here’s a clue – it’s nothing to do with blocks.

    Unless something is done about a decent, basic (I don’t want more than basic) wordprocessor then WordPress is useless to me and I must spend days, who knows weeks, finding a new host and learning to use their system.

    Do something – or even better do nothing – leave it how it was before this madness took over.


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