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    Well, I have a number of series on my blog. One of them is titled “Lawlessness / Ruined.” I use to do one titled “Lawlessness” and one titled “Ruined,” until I realized that it made sense to combine them. I’m up to “Lawlessness / Ruined – part 73.” Each entry uses, I’d say, an average of 7 main news items taken from the progressive / alternative media.

    I use WP’s search function in order to call up the latest, because I index my entries. I have two other series (“Avalanche Snapshots,” about censorship, and “Professional Scam Artists” that I present in the same sort of format and similarly index.) Now, although I’ve been blogging for 10 years, I can’t call up my entries. Even the word “lawlessness” returns nothing! Nicely done WordPress. I’m wondering whether I can turn off my Akismet, since, these days, everything and everyone designed to protect the people is instead attacking them.


    Hello, I am having the same (or worse!) problems as churchmouse, on the same WP forum, and so are at least 7 or 8 others that we know of so far.

    Every post goes into the spam bin, and we have to wait for the site owner / administrator to get us out of the spam bin.

    For me, this has happened periodically over the past year, and started up again a couple days ago, and is still happening as of right now.

    The only place where I have been able to post is on the WQTH test thread, which we use to test links, to test whether a gif or jpg shows up properly, etc.:



    I wanted to write an article about VPN Services. And of course i linked to every single service using my affiliate / referral URLs. But I discovered that wordpress is filtering a few services. F.e. URLs which lead directly to TorGuard VPN Service are blocked. So you see the URLs in your Backend, but the link and anchor text will disappear on the frontend / live syste.

    Give it a try. My Url: [redacted by staff]

    [redacted by staff]

    .. but i guess every urls are blocked which contain the string “https://torguard.net”

    So this leads to a question: Is there a “built-in-censorship” in wordress? And if so, since when and for how long? Is there any documentation or blacklist?

    .. and btw. I have the same problem in mailchimp.

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    Why am I blocked from Cedar Lounge Revolution


    Topic: Blacklisted sites

    in forum Support

    I want to learn more about sites that I was following that have been memory-holed — removed due to censorship.


    Now have another reader (on FB only) reacting to my news with this remark:

    “I’ve been shadow banned from the Veronika West Facebook page. Facebook themselves ban/block users from certain Facebook pages, censorship…” (She’s a Christian who operates in gifts of Holy Spirit and prayer!!)



    I doubt that’s it, the connection between Facebook and WordPress.com broke for everyone at the same time. This wasn’t a targeted action, so very likely not censorship.

    Overall, we won’t know until we hear back from our contact over there, so I’d caution against any speculation.


    One of my main readers who also uses my blog’s FB Page reports:

    “Just tried to post the url and got this…
    ‘This post goes against our Community Standards on spam
    Request Review
    We’ll take another look at this post
    Secure Account
    If you didn’t post this, we can help secure your account”

    The post in question (shared from another WP site) is my first that didn’t get onto FB Page and is analysis of international events at https://richards-watch.org/2019/06/03/monday-newsmix-2-deplorable-contemptible-and-winning/

    So maybe FB’s cow-towing to Big Brother EU!!


    In reply to: Spellcheck feature


    Between WP.com libtards jumping on the Silicon Valley censorship bandwagon – deleting Jon Rappoport’s blog was unforgivable – and its coders apparently being unable to appreciate the functionality aspect of good design (especially that truly awful “block editor”), I must admit I’m now past caring.

    Having spent a LOT of money on WP upgrades across two accounts over about a decade, I don’t intend giving wordpress.com any more financial support in future.

    WP.com was a great resource for many years, and I thank the adults who used to run it for that. Now it seems the company’s being steered by members of the coming idiocracy.


    Perhaps this particular support forum isn’t the best place to ask about alternatives to WordPress.com. Staff here are unlikely to recommend rival companies. Volunteers here are mostly happy with the service WordPress.com provides or they wouldn’t continue to log in and post here. I’m not sure why you think uploading a prepared post takes so long. Prepared where? If the other places offer free sites then why not go ahead and create some and experiment with Drupal, Typepad, Tumblr, Blogspot/Blogger, etc.
    Personally I think WordPress has by far the best themes and if you find WordPress.com too limiting there are a trillion possibilities with the WordPress.org software. If you’re trying to avoid big brother censorship you’d better cross Tumblr off your list though. Thousands of former Tumblr sites recently migrated here because of the new increased censorship there.



    Hello all,

    I’m getting really angry with WordPress.

    So, for a brand new blog I’m planning, I’m thinking
    of moving away from WordPress.

    See my list of requirements below.

    If you have any good recommendations,
    please let me know.

    Thanks a lot


    Blog Website – Requirements

    Could be any one of the websites found at:
    Drupal, Typepad, Tumblr, Blogspot/Blogger, etc

    – Statcounter
    – Website (ie, WordPress, Google)
    – Flagcounter

    Upload prepared post in 10 minutes max
    (WordPress takes at least 30 minutes)

    Ability to change the theme

    Change font in 10 seconds
    – Highlight, Change font
    – Word, line, paragraph only

    Plug Ins, Widgets
    – Statcounter
    – Flag counter
    – Twitter
    – search the blog

    Upload PDF files, so they can be downloaded by readers

    Insert pictures, graphics

    Insert Table/spreadsheet onto the blog, and/or
    Access the HTML Code to create HTML tables

    Contact form

    Comment functionality
    Ability to approve, delete comments

    Hopefully, blog posts found via internet search easily enough

    Ideally free

    No big brother censorship

    Perhaps can monetize the blog


    A block of one of my recent post literally just disappeared in regarding research that was done on Chinese censorship. Can someone give me an explanation for that?


    In reply to: ads


    Hi Folks ~

    Well, I got to a computer outside the public library and the ad situation was about the same ~ lots of ads when logged-off ~ no ads at all when logged-on.

    To me it looks like, when logged-off, malicious ad proliferation. When logged-on, the blogs look like they ought to look ~ just fine ~ and without any ads.

    If things remain stable ~ I guess the ad situation is just how it is. If more ads come around than there already are ~ maybe its a virus or something.

    I tend to think it’s part of a malevolent political censorship bubble over Arizona ~ but that’s just me. Maybe I just don’t like ads. Maybe I’m delusional. Maybe I don’t want to pay for a “paid plan”.

    I have some journalism background and know the importance of ads. I’ll leave it there for now ~ unless someone else wishes to pontificate…




    I clicked on https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com as I do from time to time and saw this: ‘This blog has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service.
    For more information and to contact us please read this support document.’ I can’t recall reading anything particularly outrageous on that blog and surely he has a right to his opinions? This is the first time I have been directly confronted by platform censorship and I find it quite scary and utterly deplorable. Who elected you to do this?


    This last weekend, WordPress took down the website of an investigative journalist named John Rappoport – without warning or reason. This is another of countless examples of censorship of free speech.

    This is an age where we all have the ability to research things for ourselves and come to the realization of how things truly are. Why would WordPress attack such a noble endeavor if they are not covering for much larger crimes?

    Taking away someones right to expression and freedom of thought is a tactic used to suppress alternative perspectives. Perspectives that many need, in order to understand the lies they have been told all their lives. We are at a pivotal time in our history and it is what we do now with our individual rights that will tell the story. It’s who and what we spoke out against and who we stand up for.

    I stand for TRUE free speech! For if what people like John Rappoport say is not true, what have you to fear by allowing him to continue? WordPress – STOP giving into fear and to what you are told to do and operate with some integrity and honor. Removing this great man’s blog is disgraceful and an egregious over-reach of authority on a platform where you can (supposedly) speak your mind.

    John Rappoport works for individual awareness. He seeks to inform people and to teach people how to think logically, for themselves; to question, seek and find answers. How is this worthy of such blatant Orwellian tactics of suppression?

    Restore John Rappoport’s blog, immediately – for it was removed without cause, warning or explanation. This is called CENSORSHIP.

    You’ve a choice to make, WordPress – and it’s a big one: Who and what do you stand for? Make your choice. I hope you side with the people and individual liberty.



    Has WordPress joined the censorship bandwagon? If so, shame on the open source community. Why has NoMoreFakeNews been taken down after 10 years of continuous presence on WordPress?

    I am not asking a question, I am telling you to stop using censorship. But if you need a question mark, here’s a few of them, what is your problem??????



    In their continued battle to shut down free speech, WordPress has just censored Jon Rappoport for stating truth.

    One must suppose that further nazi or Orwellian surprises are in store for WordPress users.

    Working with WordPress now seems to be like living in China – there’s someone looking over your shoulder every minute of every day, watching what you do and say, ready to “correct” any “misstatements” you might have made, and ready to kill your voice at a whim.

    Is this really the kind of platform that ANYONE wants to continue using? Are you all willing to participate in evil simply because it’s convenient? If you are, then you should hang your heads in shame at your complete lack of character and morals.

    What’s next? Is WordPress going to follow facebook and google and start banning doctors too? How about philosophers? How about religious leaders?

    It’s out of hand, folks. And as long as you continue to participate in this horrible farce, it will continue.

    WAKE UP!!!!



    It’s ‘all’ about money. Censorship is about money. War is about money. Your problem can be traced to the focus on money. (Is it just me, or has WP hidden discussions? I remember scrolling through pages of discussions when coming here. And then there’s the company’s joyful support for big, powerful, antidemocratic, immoral companies like Google. Google’s huge censorship program doesn’t bother WP one iota.) I have the paid – it’s cheap enough – ad removal option that automatically renews. I hope it’s working. Of course, WP has made it harder to buy addons like that, but I read in a forum (Good luck finding it!) that there’s a way to get them to allow you to buy that addon. I’m by no stretch an expert on any of this, but merely a long-time user who is sad to see such a robust blogging platform dumb down little by little over the years. If it weren’t for scripts (from people like t penguin) that force my WordPress blog to revert to the original, classic, robust (and full featured and user friendly) editor, I don’t know what I’d do. Okay, I’d survive. But you see my point.

    Real progressives are missing in action when it comes to computers, software, computer and internet technology and the need to stop those who would take power from the people from doing that.




    Stop showing 451, instead show the content, this way the domain name will get listed in the official registry of blocked sites and automated censorship circumvention tools like [2] will pick it up for the benefit of its many users.


    Hi, we have censorship in Russia.

    E.g. [1] is censored and wordpress shows “ERROR 451: Unavailable for Legal Reasons”.

    [1]: https://6090m01.wordpress.com

    To circumvent censorship some people don’t want to spend money and use PAC-scripts with free proxy servers [2], with own-deployed proxy servers, with Tor as proxy or just Tor browser.

    [2]: https://antizapret.prostovpn.org

    [2] is a somewhat popular solution in Russia and it proxies only sites that are in the registry of blocked sites. It doesn’t work for [1] because [1] is not in the registry. It’s not in the registry because you show error 451 for it so why to block it on the country level if the request of blocking it was already satisfied by you. I kindly ask you to stop using 451 for the benefit of automated censorship circumvention tools like [2].

    Do you have any reasons to show 451 instead of content?

    P.S. If [1] is not in the official registries ([3], [4], etc.) why do you show 451 for it?

    [3]: https://eais.rkn.gov.ru
    [4]: https://minjust.ru/ru/extremist-materials


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