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  • macmanx

    it asks for me to choose a payment plan

    Here are visual instructions on how to create a free .wordpress.com site:

    Step 1: Select email, username, and password.
    Step 2: select Blog for a .home.blog free site or Business for a .wordpress.com site.
    Step 3: Select the Topic of your site.
    Step 4: Type in the Title of site (optional).
    Step 5: Type in the full, exact site address you want including the .wordpress.com or .home.blog subdomain (ex: freeexamplesite.wordpress.com, freeexampleblog.home.blog). The first option should be the free site that you manually typed in. Click select next to that option.
    Step 6: At the very top, click the link that says: start with a free site.

    Then, your free site should be created! Please follow those steps and if you have any questions, let us know. Thanks!

    Do you know if there is anyway I can link my WordPress account to my Wealthy Affiliate WordPress account

    No, we have no formal relationship with Wealthy Affiliate.


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    Don’t suppose you know the best ways to be able to make money on WordPress when you have a free site?

    There are several ways to monetise a WordPress.com site:


    Affiliate links, sponsored posts, and selling products/services or asking for donations via a basic PayPal button are all possible on the free plan.

    Also, is it easy to change a site from .com to .org? I don’t have to pay anything if I do this do I?

    You can export your site’s content at any time from My Site ->Tools ->Export. That will give you a file which you can import to any other WordPress site, at any hosting provider, to migrate your content to that new site.

    You don’t need to pay anything to export your content, while the WordPress software made by the community on WordPress.org is completely free to use, there’s a lot of costs involved with using that software. Most importantly, you’ll need a domain, and a web server connected to the internet in order for people to be able to visit it. Servers cost money, as do the bandwidth requires for visitors to upload and download content from the server. These are referred to as hosting costs.

    On WordPress.com we offer hosting completely for free, with unlimited bandwidth (meaning there’s not a maximum cap on the number of visitors you can have a month before you have to start paying extra), and unlimited hard drive space (meaning your site will never get full, so you can’t publish any more pages/posts – we only limit storage space for media files to 3GB on the free plan). Our hosting also includes free security, spam protection, backups, and automatic software updates, as well as support.

    If you moved to a self-managed installation using the open source version of WordPress, you’ll need to pay someone for hosting. Depending on your hosting plan there could be limitations on bandwidth and hard disk space, and stuff like security and backups usually cost extra. You’ll be responsible for updating the software yourself, and support provided by your hosting provider in most cases will only be for the hosting account, not for the WordPress software itself.


    Hi there,

    Most monetization methods require a paid plan. However, with a free plan you can still earn money if you refer someone to using a paid website at WordPress.

    Share WordPress.com with friends, family, and website visitors. For every paying customer you send our way, you’ll both earn US$25 in free credits.

    There are also several ways to monetise a site on the free plan. For example, affiliate links, sponsored posts, or adding a donation button to your site does not require a paid plan.

    With any paid plan, you can:

    Accept ongoing and automated credit card payments for subscriptions, memberships, services, and donations.

    Create paid subscription options to share premium content like text, images, video, and any other content on your website.

    With Premium, Business or eCommerce, you can:

    Accept credit card payments for physical products, digital goods, services, donations, or support of your creative work.

    Make money each time someone visits your site by displaying advertisements on all your posts and pages.

    You can find out more by looking at https://wordads.co/, https://wordpress.com/support/wordpress-editor/blocks/simple-payments-block/ or https://wordpress.com/support/recurring-payments/.

    You can find out more by going to My Site > Site > Tools > Earn or https://wordpress.com/support/monetize-your-site/.

    I hope this helps!



    Hi there,

    I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re asking.

    You can find information on different ways to monetize a WordPress.com site at https://en.support.wordpress.com/monetize-your-site/. Some of those methods are only available on our paid plans, while others are possible on the free plan.

    Note that while we do allow affiliate links on WordPress.com, including on our free plan, we do not allow sites that exist for the sole purpose of driving traffic to affiliate networks – if you use an affiliate link it must be relevant to original content published on your site, for example, in the context of a review.

    You can find information on the different plans we offer and their cost at https://wordpress.com/pricing/


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    Hey there @kerlyne2018,

    You can create a domain to use Amazon Affiliates with. WordPress.com offers a number of plans.

    To create a free site visit:

    For more paid options:

    Learn more about Amazon Affiliate links in your site:

    I hope this helps,



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    will WordPress help me build a site with plugins if i go with the business plan?

    Our support team is happy to advise you on how to use any features that form part of WordPress.com, but we don’t offer site building services and cannot build your site for you. We can also only provide limited support for any plugins and themes you use that aren’t made by us.

    Oh and does it have to be a specific business plan? Can it be the Premium or does it need to be the Business or Ecommerce?

    Using plugins require our Business or eCommerce plan. Plugins cannot be used on the Premium plan.

    Im trying to build a amazon affiliate site,thank you

    No plugins are required to use affiliate links on WordPress.com. Amazon affiliate links can be used on our free plan as described here:


    However, please note that we don’t allow sites that exist just to drive traffic to affiliate sites – we only allow affiliate links to be used in the context of original content you publish on your site.



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    Hi there,

    Your free WordPress.com address is free and yours for as long as WordPress.com continues to exist, yes.

    You can use affiliate links on a free site, but note that we don’t allow sites that exist just for driving traffic to affiliate networks.


    Using any plugins on WordPress.com requires our Business or eCommerce plan:



    Topic: Gift ideas blog

    in forum Ideas

    I want to start a wordpress.com blog with a free domain (NOT my own), not the business plan, but the free plan. And I’d like to get an affiliate program with Amazon. (WordPress does allow affiliate programs with Amazon only). I want to blog about gift ideas.

    Wordpress.com, in the free version, doesn’t allow blogs that are only for the sake of advertising. But that’s a broad definition. If a blog is about gift ideas, with links to Amazon, is it considered a blog just for advertising?

    And can image links be used to Amazon, or just text links?


    a) Not with a free WordPress.com site but you could use AdSense if you upgraded to a Business plan.
    b) Not with a free WordPress.com site but you could use WordAds if you upgraded to a Premium plan. You could use affiliate links (within reason) with a free plan.
    c) Not with a free WordPress.com site. Ads are displayed for the benefit of WordPress.com to help keep free sites free. You could use affiliate links (within reason) with a free plan.


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    Hi there,

    Your content won’t be affected in any way when you upgrade a WordPress.com site – all that does is enable the extra features included in the plan on a site. So you can start on the free plan and only upgrade later if you want. Or you can start with the Personal Plan and upgrade to a more expensive plan later should you need to.

    You can monetize a site on the free plan if you want. You’ll just have fewer options available, e.g. you won’t be able to join our ads program on a free plan, and you won’t be able to accept payments via the Simple Payments button. But you’ll still be able to use affiliate links, for example:


    Whether you transfer your domain to us or leave it at your current provider and just map it to us is completely up to your preference. In my opinion it would be more convenient to transfer to us, as then you’ll only pay us each year for both the domain and the plan. If you only map you’ll have to pay us for the plan, and someone else for the domain.

    But many people prefer to keep the two separate as well.


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    Hello @fashionbombsbahrain,

    I’m happy to help answer your questions on plans and domains at WordPress.com .

    What is the best plan to subscribe for our website?

    This really depends on what your goals are for your website. It may help to check out the available plans to determine what you get on each plan and what makes sense for you. Here’s a link that describes each plan a little further: https://en.support.wordpress.com/plan-features/

    We would like our website to have option for online purchases…

    There are different ways you can add payment options to your website on different plans. If you only have a few items to sell, then using PayPal buttons might be the best route. If you need something more, then Simple Payments may be another alternative for you. Simple Payments will require that you have a Premium or Business plan. You may want a full featured store which will require that you’re on the Business plan as well.

    …also is it possible if we can provide options for others to put their ads on our website?

    Yes, it’s possible to monetize your website through ads, affiliate links and more as long as you’re on a Premium or Business plan. There are some on the Free or Personal plan who have successfully joined the WordAds program as well. You can read more about what is needed to join WordAds here. You can also learn more about monetizing your website here.

    And how can we obtain a personal domain for our website?

    You can add as many free domains as you like to your account. By free, I mean it will have .wordpress.com on the end of it. If you want to have a custom domain, then you’ll either purchase one or use the free domain credit you get when you purchase a plan. You can read more about domains here.

    Are we capable of choosing our own domain if ever we purchase a plan for our website?

    Yes. The Personal, Premium and Business plans come with a free domain credit to use to register a new domain. If you already own a domain, you can use the domain credit to transfer or map a domain.

    We also need to have our own email address for our website

    Yes, you have the option to add an email service or have email forwarding with your website.

    I hope this information helps! Let us know if you have further questions. :)



    Hi there,

    I will try to answer your question,

    1. access to all wordpress plugins including social posting buttons?

    You will need to have Business Plan to install plugins.

    2. Can I monitize my site with AdSense and links to hubpages and other affiliate sites

    You’ll need the business plan in order to use AdSense on your WordPress.com site.

    WordAds is also another option, it is the official WordPress.com advertising program available for site owners. It requires Premium or Business Plan.
    For more details you can refer the following articles:

    3. Can I use my site to do blogs and publish articles

    This can be achieved even with free plan of WordPress.com

    Video Tutorials:

    4. Will my personal website have link to SEO (search engine optimization)

    WordPress.com has great SEO right out of the box — you don’t have to do anything extra.
    In fact, WordPress takes care of 80-90 percent of the mechanics of SEO for you.

    All of WordPress.com themes are optimized for search engines, which means they are designed to make it easy for the Googlebot (and other search engines) to crawl through them and discover all the content.

    For more details you can refer the following articles:

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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    Hi there,

    Monetizing site means earning money form your WordPress.com site. There are multiple ways to earn money.

    First we can start with

    a. Simple Payments: Simple Payments allow you create and embed credit and debit card payment buttons on your WordPress.com. The feature is available on Premium and Business plans on WordPress.com.

    b. WordAds : WordAds is the official WordPress.com advertising program available for site owners.
    To be eligible for WordAds:
    • Your blog must be set as public
    • It must have a custom domain as the primary(Free/Premium/Business). Or be self-hosted and using Jetpack.
    • You must be the owner of the blog

    c. Affiliate Linking : You can add affiliate links to your WordPress.com content as long as the primary purpose of your blog is to create original content.
    An easy and popular way to get started affiliate links is Amazon! Read our support documentation for specific instructions on adding Amazon Affiliate links to your content.

    d. Sponsored Posts : You can publish sponsored posts on WordPress.com. We define a sponsored post as any content that promotes a specific product or service, which you were encouraged to post by the company or individual who makes/sells/provides it.

    e. Selling Products : With the WordPress.com Business Plan you can sell anything directly through your website with tools like WooCommerce. This free plugin (with paid extensions) lets you sell products, handle shipping, collect taxes, and more.

    You can get more details on the following article:

    Hope this helps.



    Topic: Which plan

    in forum Support


    Hey :) , m from India. Just started blogging a week back. Feeling so confused. I want to monetize my blog using WordAds and other advertising like Google Adsense but one of my friends blog got shut down bcz of using advertising/affiliate link on free plan. So I m scared coz I don’t want that my blog shud also get closed. So planning to upgrade to Personal or Premium. Actually m pathetic at technical stuff , so that’s why chose for WordPress.com instead of self hosting. But is WordAds my only technique for earning money and that too I need to wait for my blog to Earn hight traffic? I don’t mind upgrading to premium plan but the thing is I don’t need Video adding or any extra benefits. Free plan works perfect for me . I m just writing a feminist blog and want it to look something like newspaper. Do I don’t want Colors,diff fonts or video benefits. Hence Free plan is the best for me. But then I m not able to monetize it :(
    Can u suggest me a plan for monetizing my blog like Google Adsense, WordAds etc . Shud I switch to WordPress.org? So confused :( :(




    Hi there, welcome to WordPress.com!

    if the personal plan can capture email subscriber lists?

    Do you mean the people who sign up via email using the default WordPress.com system? If so, every site can do that, and that doesn’t require a paid plan. You can see your own email subscribers here: https://wordpress.com/people/email-followers/perfectlyinpieces101678002.wordpress.com

    Is the plugin available?

    Sadly, only sites with the Business Plan can upload custom plugins. However, all sites do get access to some plugins automatically.

    Learn more: https://en.support.wordpress.com/plugins/

    If you state what you’re trying to do though, there may be some alternatives, so feel free to ask.

    Does the personal plan allow for affiliate marketing links?

    It does, but bare in mind that only some code is supported on the WordPress.com Business Plan. All the detail on that and more can be found here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/monetize-your-site/#affiliate-linking

    Let us know if you have any further questions or issues after reading those links. :)


    In reply to: About upgrading

    Hi @ikemarks.

    Great question! Upgrading to a paid plan does give you the opportunity to add the WordAds advertising program to your site, but use of the program is not automatic and does have some eligibility requirements. From the “Monetize Your Site” support page:

    Who is eligible for WordAds?

    • Users upgrading to the WordPress.com Premium or Business plans have automatic access to the WordAds program and can set up advertising on their sites immediately.
    • WordPress.com bloggers, who are using a Free or Personal Plan, have moderate to high traffic and appropriate content also have the option to apply to the WordAds program.
    • Only sites with a custom or mapped domain can apply


    You are also able to use affiliate linking on any site as long as:

    • the primary purpose of your blog is to create original content
    • and the code used by the affiliate program is supported

    If you are interested in reading more about using affiliate links or monetizing your site you will want to read the support page that covers the details. You can find it at the link below.


    If you have any further questions, let us know. We are happy to help!


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    Hi there,

    The account you’re using to post here was created right before you posted this topic, owns no sites on WordPress.com, and has never purhcased anything from us.

    Can you please tell us the address of the site you need help with so we can accurately advise you?

    It should make no difference whether you’re using WordPress.com or the open source WordPress software, or whether you’re using a free or paid plan on WordPress.com, regarding whether or not you can use affiliate links from Amazon. All that will affect is the ways available for you to add those links, and on WordPress.com we have the added restriction that we only allow affiliate links relevant to the content on your site, and we don’t allow sites that exist solely for the purpose of driving traffic to Amazon or any other site via affiliate links.



    Hi there,

    You will need to have a WordPress.com Business Plan in order to use any affiliate plugin, yes.

    You can use Amazon Affiliate links on a free WordPress.com site, but only the plain text and image links that you get directly from the Amazon website:



    In reply to: affiliate links

    Thank’s so much for your reply. I had prior read these guidelines outlined in the link you provided. Perhaps I’m asking a silly question, where most folks know what the assumption is ?The reason why I’m still confused, and still do not have a clear understanding, is that the guidelines are referring here to “wordpress.com”. The guideline does not make clear whether this is applicable to ONLY the FREE PLAN. I’m seeking information that’s more specific : Are you, or are you not permitted to use affiliate links if you purchase the “Personal Plan” ? Are you, or are you not able to place affiliate links with the paid the “Premium Plan” ? Is the business plan the only plan that that allows affiliate links ? I’m trying to avoid purchasing one of these plans, only to later find out that affiliate links are not allowed. Thank you, … any “specific” information regarding my question would be much appreciated !


    Topic: affiliate links

    in forum Support

    May affiliate links be used with a paid wordpress ‘personal plan’ ? May affiliate links be used with the wordpress paid ‘premium plan’ ? There seems to be no specific information on this anywhere online, yet it’s so critical for me understand prior to making a decision on whether to use worpress at all for affiliate marketing specifically. All I’m finding is information regarding ‘wordpress.com’, and does not clearly distinguish whether that means a free wordpress blog , or a paid wordpress site, and where, or if affiliate links are permitted at all with any plan other than the business plan ? Thank You !

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