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How to Stay Calm & Enjoy the Rest of Your Life

Yesterday, the beach I normally go to was full of seaweed.  I walked about 25 minutes to the marker I set as a minimum distance for my daily exercise routine. 478 palabras más


5 Yoga Asanas to Find Peace

The word «yoga» means to unite, but what exactly do we unite, and how? Yoga is a practice that combines breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation to find compassion and love within ourselves. 1.575 palabras más

Yoga & Mindfulness

Hard Pills To Swallow

Try as I might I do not understand these behavioral patterns of the family that I was both racist towards as a joke (I’m white too–i don’t rightly care about color, but I do make fun of stereotypes) and jealous of. 844 palabras más

Invitation to Yogi/ni Hut

A retreat to focus on your practise. Take two weeks for YOU. We have a tiny cabin perfect for a single yogi/ni. It’s a short walk (uphill) from HomeHearth, the locus of shared facilities : kitchen, bathroom, warm fire, organic gardens. 124 palabras más

Wake Up!

«World-class willpower is not an inborn strength, it is the skill that is developed due to relentless practice. Waking up at dawn is the perfect self-control training… 202 palabras más

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