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Power from space?

The X-37B spaceplane, that up until now has conducted missions so ultra secret, that nothing other than the launching and landing are ever reported, is currently conducting a flight where, for the first time, we know at least part of what it is doing.  8 palabras más


The Space Force Has Created an “Orbital Warfare” Unit, and Now Has Its Own Spaceship

It’s not specifically a TIE fighter or X-Wing from the “Star Wars” series, but The Drive reported last week that Trump’s recently created Space Force is now in charge of the experimental X-37B spacecraft. 159 palabras más

China's reusable spaceplane lands at secret airstrip in Lop Nur desert

The Chinese experimental spaceplane can be used for both civil and military 
purposes. China had said earlier that it would carry out reusable technology 
verification as planned to provide technical support for the peaceful use of 
space. 932 palabras más

China Just Launched And Landed A Secret Space Plane – And It May Have Released Something In Orbit

Jonathan O’Callaghan. Contributor

|Sep 7, 2020,07:46am EDT

Jonathan is a freelance space journalist that covers commercial spaceflight, space exploration, and astrophysics

Photo LM-2F

China’s Long March 2F rocket, pictured here on a previous mission, was used for the secretive … [+] GETTY IMAGES… 491 palabras más

China celebrates safe landing of secretive spacecraft as ‘important breakthrough’

Little is known about the reusable spacecraft

By James Vincent Sep 7, 2020, 5:07am EDT

Chinese state media says the country has safely landed a reusable spacecraft which it claims will provide a “convenient and inexpensive” method of getting to and from space. 414 palabras más