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It is convenient to start posts like these with “it’s been a while since my last post,” because it has. Then continue with a vague (or detailed, depending on what head space I am in) reason for my absence. 193 palabras más


A Chorus Line

All together now,

Sing your heart out, chirp, and whirl…

We’re on Broadway now!

I had some fun earlier with a color palette that I put together and a dancer that I converted into a shape in Photoshop (I’m learning a few new things in a summer class in case you couldn’t tell). 216 palabras más


Writers Sleep Whats That?

Another early morning and of course my mind was running through things of which I need to write. As many of you know you have a choice of tossing and turning or bite the “bullet” and get up. 114 palabras más


I'm not a fake

I get wounded every single day
by the words you say.
I get hurt&broken every single day
by the words you say.
You say I’m a part of you… 50 palabras más


Creative Writing: Revolution Edition.

Picture yourself on a boat on a river, with dead French revolutionary soldiers hitting your rudder and oars. Sunflowers burning into ash in the distance, with bright orange worms eating human flesh on the bank of the river. 431 palabras más


Improving More of My Writing | June 2021 Updates

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I just went from an intense writing session with some of my friends, and it was a blast! It wasn’t anything huge, just that we had this small meeting online, and all of us had a lot to say. 411 palabras más

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