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I Choose You

I love you.
So I’ll bind myself with these vows,
In front of the bishop,
And a crowd of witnesses and gossips, 309 palabras más

Word To Heart


You colored my life for me

You were the sunshine for me


Word To Heart


Today I am a cloud,

sitting on the air,

in my white balloon dress,

which I prefer than grey.

I’m drifting to the west,

away from rising sun, 78 palabras más

Word To Heart

It Could Kill You.

Nature is a love,
Vulnerable yet true,
Delicate like rose petals,
Rare like the sighting of a bat at daytime,
Or the night jar at at day break. 161 palabras más

Word To Heart

Squishy or Not Squishy

We were sitted on red stools,

in the middle of the kitchen,

when a tiny crawling beast,

Scuttled right across the floor.

It was black and brown and grey, 73 palabras más

Word To Heart


Once upon a time,

Before you came to be,

You were merely one-

You were two.

You were ‘strangers in love’,

Or so I like to think, 82 palabras más

Word To Heart

Fighter Girl

She stays awake at night,
Fighting off sleep,
But it’s not sleep she’s fighting,
It’s all her demons,
And those cold blooded spirits
That have threatened to take her out, 219 palabras más

Word To Heart