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After having plastic sheeting as windows for 4 years, Tony now has ‘real’ windows! The original intention was to make them, but a friend gave us all his aluminium ones when he had them replaced. 221 palabras más


Reminder of Windows 10 update "What's New" location

If you forgot what Microsoft has added, look for a file named like this:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Getstarted_7.3.20251.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\WhatsNew.Store.exe

Disregard any warnings you find through the above link: it is a legit file installed during Windows 10 update.


Power User


The inside of a mailbox should always be kept clean in case you get a love letter.
~ Charles M. Schulz { Peanuts ]


Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News (March 2-4)

Microsoft Ignite starts today and runs until March 4. Once again this is a virtual event and registration will remain open during the duration of the event. 88 palabras más


Write-up: Jeeves

This is a write-up on Jeeves, a box I solved during TCM’s Windows privesc course on Udemy. My intention here was to obtain an unprivileged shell as quickly as possible so that I could focus on privilege escalation. 1.369 palabras más


IF Bill Gates Really Wants To Tackle 'Global Warming' He Has To Start By Making Windows 10 More Efficient & Much Less Power Hungry.

by Anura Guruge

I saw Bill Gates on a talk show yesterday (i.e., Sunday) plugging his ‘Climate Change‘ book.

It then struck me. I am sure he wasn’t been totally hypocritical, BUT he is, personally, responsible for SO, SO, SO much wasted energy. 76 palabras más

Anura Guruge