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A good Wi-Fi design is about getting four things right..!!

Becoming a good Wi-Fi design professional requires extensive knowledge in different aspects of networking and also some areas of project management. The 400+ pages of CWDP book from CWNP teaches you exactly that. 1.202 palabras más


Day 25 – February Blog Challenge

…but mostly a collection of ebay experiences

In addition to receiving the replacement screen for my broken tablet (which I still need to fit), I received the case I ordered for it. 1.422 palabras más


I'm vulnerable!

In this video, I am sharing my darkest secrets and revealing all.

Sure, some things that I originally thought were hacking-related were just quirks. And when important things happen that I may have to respond to but am powerless to do anything about, that’s when the hacking is usually the factor that causes the biggest powerlessness so I am sure that I do rant more about the hacking at such a time. 924 palabras más

My Life In Portsmouth

Is Wi-Fi Sickness a Disability? California Appellate Court Holds That It Is Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

Is Wi-Fi sickness a disability? The California Court of Appeal just said it is in Brown v. Los Angeles Unified School District (2d Dist., Div. Eight), Case No. 393 palabras más

Smart Meter

Обзор роутера Xiaomi AX6000

В 2020 году с роутером Xiaomi AX3600, который использует решения беспроводной сети Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6, был достигнут хороший старт, и он взлетел на волне популяризации Wi-Fi 6. 1.907 palabras más


Xiaomi router AX6000 review

In 2020, with the Xiaomi router AX3600, which adopts Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 wireless network solution, a good start has been achieved, and it has taken off all the way in the wave of Wi-Fi 6 popularization. 2.171 palabras más


Wi bloody Fi

Can’t live without it

a modern dependency

arguments ensue

by Scooj