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SUNDAY 16th May, 2021


Readings: Acts;1:15-17 20-26 Psalm 102, 1 John 4:11-16, John 17:11-19  


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Weekly Newsletter

Edición 05/13/21

Diarios LatAm by Susi 05/13/21 by Susanne Schweitzer

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Weekly Newsletter

Thursday Thoughts: the weekly LTAMH newsletter (13 May, 2021)


The days are drawing noticeably shorter here in Australia as we barrel towards winter. I quite like winter (which may or may not have something to do with the fact I’m a winter baby, being born in early July) and there’s something comforting about cosy clothing and cups of soup (especially soup is, in my opinion, the single greatest invention humanity has ever produced in the history of history). 614 palabras más


HANDOUT 5-11-21


WE WILL BE HOLDING A LIVE TROOP MEETING TONIGHT, 5/11/21, 7pm at the Legion back parking lot. (If we need to move it to a virtual meeting then an email will come out NO LATER than 6pm). 299 palabras más

Weekly Newsletter

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It is a 50!!!! Today’s newsletter is the 50th in the series. It feels as if I just started writing this newsletter, and a year has just passed by.

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SUNDAY 9th May, 2021



Readings: Acts; 10;25-26, 34-35. 44-48 Psalm 97, 1 John 4:7-10 John 15:9-17


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Weekly Newsletter

Thursday Thoughts: the weekly LTAMH newsletter (6 May, 2021)


It’s Eurovision month! I should be talking about mental health and wellbeing here but instead I find myself obsessing about Eurovision and… oh, look! I found a way to combine the two! 568 palabras más