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POLA - We Care More 2029 Vision

This multimedia project for POLA, a Japanese skincare brand, uses really clever illustration and design in the multimedia space to bring a feeling of care to life. 49 palabras más


Nothing lasts forever #2

After 25 years, the original Space Jam website has been replacedEsquire Middle East
The original website, launched in 1996, became a viral phenomenon in the early 2010s, as an internet that had evolved far past the 56k dial up modem found the site completely untouched from what it had once been.

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Technology & The Web

What makes a good design?

Let’s quickly go over some of the aspects and features that help make a good website design.

  1. Your website interface clearly states who you are, what you do, and what visitors will get from your site…
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Haiku Wednesday - Web


A thousand strands gleam,

enticing to be followed,

each leading to doom.

Steve D

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

TryHackMe solution: Bolt


#1 “What port number has a web server with a CMS running?


nmap -sCV

to find open ports.

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