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Four Year Work Permits Now Available for U.S. Citizens in Mexico

The U.S. State Department’s American Citizen Services (ACS) unit Mexico City released information today about Mexico approving 4-year work permits for U.S. citizens who want to work in Mexico. 354 palabras más


Suriname: Saya: "No human trafficking or human smuggling"

There is no human trafficking or human smuggling as regards Haitians coming to Suriname. The Haitians come to Suriname as tourists. This made Jean Mixon better known as Saya, chairman of the Team Haiti Foundation, who is also an entrepreneur, during a press conference yesterday. 292 palabras más


Suriname: No flights to and from Haiti for the time being

President Chan Santokhi, on the advice of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation, Justice and Police, Health, Transport, Communication and Tourism and Defense, has given instructions to keep flights between Haiti and Suriname until further notice. 158 palabras más


It’s About Time Foreigners in China Were Given ID Cards

Carrying a passport everywhere is a nuisance for individuals and for the state. In a nation obsessed with convenience, giving resident foreigners local ID would solve a lot of problems… 943 palabras más

Applying for a UK Visa- 2019 vs. 2021

Visas. The part of travel that stresses me out the most. But if you want to live in a new country and you don’t have a second passport and aren’t part of the EU, what are you supposed to do? 999 palabras más


Oregon’s Only Federal Republican, Rep. Cliff Bentz, Breaks With Party On Immigration Bill 

Rep. Cliff Bentz split over an immigration bill: “We’re losing control of our food supply.”

Oregon’s only Republican in Congress broke with his party on a policy issue for the first time this week since taking federal office. 41 palabras más

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Is it convenient to work in Hong Kong but live in Shenzhen?


Not really, if you have to go to HK everyday. I’ve done that, and the border crossing takes forever, on the Chinese side at least. 1.272 palabras más

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