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NFT or Bust? – Impact on The Video Game World

By: Joanna Mirsch

The idea of spending real, hard-earned cash in the video game world is not a new concept. 1.190 palabras más

University Of Washington School Of Law

May 12 - FFXIV RP Directory Updates

Here’s the newest updates to the FFXIV RP Directory!

As always, if you have a character profile, location or event you want to add, 104 palabras más


Willow Farm Adventures: Harvey and Maggie

Brief overview of the development between Harvey and my character Maggie


fallout 4

fallout 4 is a futuristic waste land game where people learned how to use atomic power for everything and it used up all the natural resources and people started losing jobs and America went to war with china and the planet gets nuked but you were frozen in time in an underground bunker with your wife and infant son… 46 palabras más


What Would Adam Smith Say?

Smith, is money, baby, money.

We hear plenty of postulating about what the founding fathers of this country would do about any given political situation but what would the founder father of capitalism as we know it? 597 palabras más

20 Pound Note